Call Of Duty: Ghosts A Review

Call-Of-Duty-Ghosts-dogWell it’s that time of the year again, that yearly moment when the next iteration of the Call Of Duty series gets released to a big fanfare of media advertising and Activision execs telling us how brilliant the game is. This is usually met with a chorus of derision from the hardcore gamers, “It’s the same game as before” etc, but still, it continues to sell by the truckload. Although to be fair, I gather that Ghosts isn’t selling as well as its predecessors, but I’m sure give those sales figures to any indie or mid level developer they would take the numbers in a heart beat.

So when we get into the meat of things, what is the game like to play if we looked at it as a shooter rather than a CoD game?

Disappointing, that would be the word I would use to describe it. The campaign is your standard fare of shooty set pieces and multiple explosions that repeatedly and mercilessly hit you in the face without respite. Now I found a few things I quite liked about the campaign, not its story which is your run of the mill “The US gets invaded and you and your squad/team save the day etc.

cod-ghosts-in-space-970x0The parts that will stick in your mind is when you get to use the various bits of military hardware that you get periodic access to, as you make your way through the campaign. Such as an orbital weapon near the end of the game, or an apache helicopter Which isn’t particularly difficult to fly as they’ve made the set up feel like “Babies first attack gunship” and my personal favourite, the tank. This tank is special however, because this is a high-speed bulldozer of a machine as practically nothing can slow the thing down. I’ve tried to, ramming into soldiers or even barricades only slow it down marginally, It’s truly a magnificent beast, a beast that never gets out of arcade mode however.

You would be laughed out of the building If you suggested tank handling like this for the battlefield series, which im glad for because I love battlefield.

But that example of how the tank handles would be seen as ridiculous if it was anything other than a CoD game. Its meant to be ludicrous and over the top, which should be great fun in a shooter, right? Not if you’ve already seen it a million times before, you just get the feeling that there running out of ideas now because this is still much of the same.

The big difference in this edition of CoD is the limited inclusion of Riley the dog, who accompanies you on a few missions (3 or 4 I think) So it is different! But its only a token inclusion (unless you count using a dog as your guard in multiplayer, but I don’t count that since its a similar perk to a previous game).

call-of-duty-ghosts-mocap-dog_960-1_0_cinema_640_0-610x360Speaking of the multiplayer, In short it feels sticky and actually surprisingly dull considering the series penchant for explosions. For me, the weapons don’t feel fun to use, and I could never escape the feeling that if I ever got into a gun battle it would be pot luck whether I would bring the guy down or if he would get me first. That may be down to connection issues, so I’m willing to give the game a pass on that one. The absolute number 1 issue that I had with the multiplayer was the frequency where you would get shot in the back, It happens all the god damn time and gets incredibly frustrating, I had heard its possibly because of the fucked up spawn system, poor on you Infinity Ward.

I did have a similar problem with battlefield 3 when I first started playing that, but I learned and adapted and subsequently got a lot better, it definitely helped that the maps are designed a hell of a lot better than CoD, the open nature of BF definitely adds a lot more fun and strategy than the close confines of a standard CoD hoedown.

Oh and as a side note, fuck those who use sniper rifles as standard assault rifles, I hate them with a burning passion!

Call_Of_Duty__Ghosts_58921That however isn’t my biggest gripe, my biggest problem is that of the CoD community as a whole (I will be generalizing somewhat). I had forgotten how foul-mouthed and aggressive people can be while on voice chat, It should defy belief, but that’s really what everyone should expect with call of duty. A community full of over aggressive pre-teens who care way too may about their K/D’s, I’m too old for that shit, you’re meant to enjoy playing a game rather than screaming about “Fucking Campers!” or calling people every type of Prick under the sun.

Hearing that is not fun, and coupling that with the sticky aiming and uninspired weapons (there seems to be a major reduction in the weapons you can use, perhaps there saving it for DLC?) and tiny maps where its hard to distinguish the enemy? It doesn’t make for a happy, fun gaming experience.

So, should you get this game? If you’re a CoD fan to begin with then you probably have already bought it and you’d never listen to me anyway. However If you’re on the fence about it, perhaps take a look at BF4 instead? Or at the very least wait until ghosts is much cheaper, because you shouldn’t have to pay upwards of £45 for an experience as inconsistent as this. There are other editions such as the hardened which is £80! And the prestige edition which is £100! Don’t get those whatever you do, they add nothing to the game other than giving you useless tat that you’ll never use.


Thanks for reading!



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