The Stanley Parable, Theendisnevertheendisneverthend


So I bought the Stanley parable about a week ago at the urging of several youtubers and the fact it was £10 on steam and had a metacritic score of 90. Now normally I wouldn’t pay much attention to metacritic, but this time I was willing to make an exception for something special like this.

After downloading it fairly quickly, it is a small file size when compared to your average blockbuster game. I jumped into the world of Stanley and his parable, and was immediately charmed by the pleasant sounding narrator who is essentially our guide in the utterly confuseing world of “The Stanley Parable” Its a game/story where the narrator accompanies you every step of the way, he even directs you to which direction you should go, whether you want to follow his story or not is entirely up to you.

Do you do what you are told? Or do you follow your own path despite what the narrator might whisper into your ear that the way you are going means youre on your way to imminent doom?

Its an incredibly complex game, presented in a simple way where choices entirely dictate your outcome. Rather than other games where the change are purely cosmetic, here the choices really do dictate how your game ends up.

Here comes the big question, how do you know when you’ve completed “The Stanley Parable”? Well I don’t fucking know, because ive witnessed a couple of “endings” but I have no idea whether one of them was the proper one, or if I got a couple of duds. And that is the brilliance of the game, it continues to keep you guessing and encourages you to explore, and to find the different endings which are clearly abundant as you play through the game.

Just…. Prepare to be confused, the game is utterly unique in its narrative and how it delivers it, but even if you feel like you are prepared for it, trust me you are not.

Truly, its a game you have to experience for yourself, and it is so worth the cash. As its £10 in the UK and a similar amount I would guess in other places, you owe it to yourself to play it at the very least because of the cost. The other reason because its utterly unique, mind bending and utterly engrossing.


You wont be disappointed 🙂

Thanks for reading



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