Lets Go To The Gym!

I was due to be writing another W.O.W noob perspective entry this week but I’ve been pre-occupied with going to the gym for the past couple of weeks so I thought I would write about that, because health is important y’know….

Since I am Diabetic (Type 1) I get told a lot by the doctors that doing physical exercise would do me the world of good, it increases the effectiveness of the insulin I have to inject, and of course getting healthy and exercising is something that everyone should do. Of course, someone with my history of depression and anxiety it can be hard to muster up the courage to start working on yourself. Even though working out, especially for me has been a good way of making me feel better and making me feel better about myself. So why would I stop doing that and take so long to restart it?

If you know, let me know asap! It always seems so simple that, if something makes you feel better and healthier, then you should do it. Unfortunately it never seems that simple to the sufferer because you get in that vicious circle of wanting to get better, then not feeling up to it, or not feeling worth the effort.

Again its something that’s not so easily quantified, then again if you don’t have much self-worth then why would you put in the time and effort to get yourself healthier and fitter, and perhaps have a better lifestyle that you have now?

In my personal situation I have to thank my parents, especially my dad who enrolled to the local gym with me to keep me company and to be my gym partner as well as getting himself healthier too. Goodness knows where I would be without him, so dad if your reading this, I never stop appreciating how much you do for me, and how much mum does too!

So if you ever find yourself in a situation where you feel lost and absolutely without any purpose, get yourself out there and devote time to yourself and your body, you are worth it, never forget that.



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