World Of Warcraft: The Noob Perspective #5 “Dungeons And Battle Pets!”


So as the title vaguely suggests, I have finally got round to trying out the dungeons feature on WoW as I keep getting told it’s a good source of xp and you get some decent stuff, so what’s not to like?

Turns out for a noob like me, there’s one big problem that you have to initially overcome if you ever want to start enjoying doing the dungeon quests. And that is the WoW public in general (this doesn’t count if you do raids and dungeons with a group of friends, im on about when you do it with randoms.) Yep it’s a bit weird that I’ve got to lvl 48 without doing any dungeon…ing? But damn it I do like to quest and was having fun doing it, what brought me into doing a dungeons however was the quests drying up and being unsure about what to do.

That should be fixed once I manage to lvl to 50 or if im lucky 49, so why not do some dungeons to help lvl up and to get better stuff for my worgen too. And for the first few minutes it was fun, the group I was in was quite helpful it probably helped that I fore-warned them that I was an utter dungeon noob, we were getting good loot and some really good xp too. Then twats started to appear, you know the kind that if you don’t automatically know what you’re doing, you’re a retard, or if you don’t follow them to the letter or give 100% attention to them then you’re a bastard, the list of insults is endless.


(This made me laugh, the chat in Darnassus advising a returning player)

It would be unfair of me to say that these types of dickheads act exclusively in the domain of World Of Warcraft, but you expect that in a game like call of duty as you can get your own back by shooting them in the face and then repeatedly tea bagging their corpse. It’s a lot more unpleasant in an MMO as your meant to be working together in a sociable environment (unless its PvP I guess), there are always going to be new people who are going to be unsure as to what there meant to be doing, you’re meant to help them and not shit on them from a great height.

After having to deal with a few shitbags, I gave up and went back to exploring and looking for quests. However I wont let the negative experience scare me away from dungeons, I’ll be learning more about it so if I ever run into shitbags again ill be able to handle it better.

So other than that, I’ve been trying my hand at some exploring while looking for some active quests to do. Also there was an ulterior motive, achievements! The exploration achievements seem fairly straight forward to unlock, simple things for simple minds!

box trap

(Capturing a battle pet with a poke b…. Wooden Box!)

As a result of the exploring I finally found the boat to stormwind from darnassus, yeah I know its taken me to lvl 48 to find it :p that’s opened up another world for me so I might go exploring in the eastern kingdoms to find something new to do. The first new thing I found was…. *drum roll* The Battle Pet Trainer! Which is like pokemon for the Warcraft universe, its a nice little feature and It will probably consume me as much as questing did during the main game.

The way you get more battle pets? Why you catch them from the wild! “Gotta Catch em all”…… I am so tempted to put questing on hiatus and train a legion of death battle pokemon pet things, or split the time half and half, we’ll see!

Until next time!

Thanks for reading


Title pic

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2 Responses to World Of Warcraft: The Noob Perspective #5 “Dungeons And Battle Pets!”

  1. leigh says:

    gotta love pokemon, and yep sadly there are some heartless people in wow still today, i encounter alot of dungeons were other members dont even say hi then just flame you for low dps, guys not sure what bit u dont get but to get gear to put out dps dungeons is the way so if ur one of those ignorant twats remember its not hard to have a heart or show some emotion we may be pixels playing the game but behind the pixel is a human being with a heart and feelings, “karma” gets me through a dodgy dungeon stay positive dave 😉

  2. dvotee says:

    Unfortunately it comes with the game and you just learn to ignore it.

    Once you’ve run a few and get a better understanding of the mechanics etc I’m sure you’ll be fine and it is a great way to improve your gear and get some great XP so don’t let these idiots put you off.

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