World Of Warcraft The Noob Perspective #4 “Burn Out”


So lately I haven’t been playing anywhere near like as much time as I was a week or two on world of warcraft. Its something that I had expected a lot sooner as it usually hits me pretty early on, with most MMO’s as well the same things happen, the grinding, the questing gets you at one point or another.

Its something of a brick wall, you no longer seem to get that thrill or that fun feeling while playing a game, you don’t know what it is but you just don’t seem to get the same fulfilment as you used to. You try another game, nope same problem, that feeling is something I believe every gamer gets once in a while, the difference being how someone might approach/deal with it.

What I used to do was play through it, who knows you might just be tired and you’ll start to enjoy yourself again? Doesn’t always work, I’ve done that with gears of war 2 and I ended up absolutely loathing the game, its got to a point where I can’t play it for more than 5 minutes without turning it off in a childish rage of its awfulness.

Or you do the more sensible option, which is switch off the damn game and go back to it when you want to! Some time out is always a good thing, if you’re not having fun at that point then why push it?

This happened with me on WoW for about a week, so I decided to take some time out from it, and I think it has done me some good although I think the same pattern will play out where ill play it to death again.

I’m currently lvl 46 which im quite proud of, but the next goal is to get to 60 (the old lvl cap) that might be easier if I did raids and dungeons instead of just questing, but that’s something I’m not completely comfortable with doing just yet. It just feels too damn intimidating at the moment because I’ve essentially joined the WoW party late, and playing with guys/girls who have been playing this for years and know everything, and you have me who only knows bits and pieces.

But that should come with confidence…. I hope!

Right, only a short one today, but the adventures of this particular noob will continue as normal next time!

Thanks for reading



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