The Wolf Among Us Episode 1


The Wolf Among Us is the new episodic game that has just been released by TellTale games, the fine chaps and chappettes who brought us “The Walking Dead Game”. No not that one made by Activision that was a piece of shit, the pseudo point and click adventure game based off of the walking dead comics, which if you haven’t played it yet you should go play it now, I’ll wait……

Finished? Great, not that has anything to do with The Wolf Among Us, other than the control methods and puzzles are all controlled like in The Walking Dead.

So you get a feeling of familiarity, but that’s where it stops, and then it starts to bring its own unique flavour to the forefront.

The story so far is about a detective who is in charge of keeping the peace in a place called “Fable Town” (not to be confused with the fable games from Peter Molyneux and Lionhead studios), it’s where the characters of fairy tales or “fables” live, Beauty and the Beast, Snow white and even one of the three little pigs who incidentally is called Colin, which ill come back to later!


You yourself are the big bad wolf from the little red riding hood story, but you’ve been magicked to look human so as not to arouse suspicion. Think of it a little like the movie “Men In Black”, where aliens inhabit earth but you wouldn’t know it because there disguised as human beings.

So, the story is effectively a murder mystery because someone from fable town has been murdered, so its your job to hunt down the killer. However to do this you have to navigate many twists and turns, mostly dictated by your own choices. Moral choices are alive and kicking, and again just like in the walking dead it adds that layer of  personal identity with the character (as your essentially building your characters moral compass, i.e. giving him yours!) and added involvement with the story.

The characters are all nicely imagined and brought to life via incredibly beautiful artwork, seriously it’s already up there as one of my personal, most beautiful games out there. It reminds me at times of Sin City (The movie not the comic) both in aesthetic and the story, I’ll try to leave out major spoilers. Judging by the screenshots, it doesn’t look that special ill admit, but when you see it in motion its a feast for the eyes, that or im just easily pleased, or I’ve been playing too many generic brown and grey shooters lately!

My favourite characters so far, are Colin the pig and Mr Toad, although Bigby the big bad wolf detective (who you play as). Colin is a part of the three little pigs, and oh yeah! He talks and loves a drink or two of whiskey (at least I think it was whiskey) either way it was alcoholic, and god help me I really enjoyed his character, the world-weariness, but at his heart he’s a good guy and looks like he will do right by Bigby… And he’s a pig, what’s not to love! (and childishly find funny).


The final one is of course Mr Toad from toad hall if I remember the story correctly, from wind in the willows I believe. He’s one who is a tad mischievous, as he is the only fable that we’ve seen in episode 1 who hasn’t taken any sort of human form as disguise. They have also given him an English accent, again make an animal talk and I love it already.

All of the characters are fairly enjoyable to listen too and watch, although there are a few exceptions but I’ll give the writers a pass on them because we’re not likely to see them again during later episodes.

Overall It’s an enjoyable opening to what is looking like an entertaining little crime detective game, It’s also cheap in its 1 episode form so that’s another incentive to give it a go, if you hate it you can always not buy the rest when they are released.

This is definitely one to watch as the story progresses.

(Just found out this game is also based on a comic book too! I’ll have to look it up if the game is any indication of the comics quality).

Thanks for reading, hope you liked it 🙂



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