World Of Warcraft: Noob Perspective #3 “Lvl 40 And Travelling The Great Sea”


If there’s one thing I’ve noticed while playing the game is that ive started to care a lot more about my character, dare I say attached to him. The Worgen is starting to feel like its mine, it has that individual look, it feels unique to me which is something I haven’t felt in a while in gaming. Now, this didn’t happen early on in the game, I guess you could say I wasn’t properly invested yet, and it only came with playing the game more and more and learning more about it rather than playing it casually.

This especially came about a couple of days ago when I played WoW for a good few hours (and that’s a conservative estimate), and I just kept thinking to myself “Just one more quest then ill stop”, I think I repeated that to myself at least a couple of dozen times and I never did stop until I was so tired I could barely focus on the screen!

Never underestimate the allure of watching your xp bar filling up, or getting better loot so you can kit out your character with the best stuff (Whichever number is bigger!) it’s a ton of fun, something which completely eluded me when I first played this game 5+ years ago.

Speaking of the other day, that’s when it dawned on me what it was to play an MMO, you essentially are given freedoms to do what you want, progress how you want etc. Of course that’s within the limits of the local monsters levels (Would be silly if you ventured into a zone that had monsters 20 lvls higher than you, you’d get smashed with seconds). So I’d started to mess around and explore a little, having a little break from questing all the time.


(All alone in the great sea)

That brings me to something I did that WoW veterans would class as being incredibly stupid? So what am I blathering on about?

Well I had decided to go to the darkmoon faire, so I took the offer from the thing in Darnassus (I’ve completely forgotten what creature teleported me) to teleport me to the staging area for the faire. That goes off without a hitch, although I was completely unaware that it was teleporting me to a different continent with no visible way in sight of getting back to Darnassus. So instead of enjoying the faire I ended up panicking trying to figure out a way back home, which I did in the end, I opened up the map screen to full size and saw that I was on the other side of the world with my home continent “Kalimdor” a massive distance away.

Now if I had been thinking properly, I would have looked for a mass transit system which as I later found out in this case was a boat. Seems simple right? Not if you’re me! What I decided to do was to try to swim across the great sea to get back to Kalimdor, it seemed an awful long way to go but I was desperate. So off I popped and eventually made my way to the shore line, and set off on what I thought would be an epic journey.

Turns out I was dead wrong, after swimming a decent way from the shore I began to fatigue and then die….. In the middle of no where, in a massive ocean *boop* dead, while not completely un-expected (I thought something would eat me) it was inconvenient to say the least!

I was completely stuck then, with no way I could see of getting back home I caved in and looked on the internet about how I could get back, and do you know what I found? I had forgotten about the fucking hearthstone! The stone that can teleport you back where you have set your home, It seems so simple now but at the time I’d forgotten about it completely, like I was sub-consciously trying to make myself look and feel the fool *sigh* Chalk it down to being a noob eh?


(One of my favourite areas in the game)

Although im not sure how long I can keep calling myself that or using it as an excuse because I recently broke the lvl 40 barrier, so maybe im an intermediate? And the first thing I did as I reached lvl 40? I unwittingly spent 40 odd gold on learning the journeyman riding skill, so im officially broke again but at least I can move 100% faster on all fours rather than the previous 60% so I should complain…… Much, I am chuffed to bits though at reaching 40, something I never thought possible because I always reckoned that I would get bored around the lvl 20 mark, which thankfully never happened, although at the cost of WoW taking over my life but its a price worth paying! 😉

On a final note, there is something about the quests that I find utterly charming, it could be the variety of things that you have to do, or perhaps the different locales that change things up from time to time? Or possibly the times where you unexpectedly run into something really funny which I saw last night. I was doing a quest and I had to sprinkle healing seeds on mutated plant life etc, so as I was doing that I forgot to read the small print that said “Side Effects May Vary”. One of those side effects had the utterly hilarious consequence of blowing up the target creature I was trying to heal, the first time it happened I burst out laughing, i think it was the sheer comic timing of it all. Since after sprinkling the seeds there was a second and then boom! the creature in question exploded in a ball of fire. You had to be there!

Anyway that’s the latest instalment of my WoW story

More coming soon

Hope you enjoyed it



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