World Of Warcraft: Noob Perspective #2 “Leveling Up”

Noob Perspective

Levelling up has been something I’ve never been too good at in regards to MMORPG’S, although in JRPG’s I’m perfectly fine and can max out the various characters levels or get close to that with relative ease.

However MMO’s have always been the step too far for me, until the past few days that is (When I bought WoW nearly a week ago, that was my attempt at a Segway and failed miserably!)

I’ve been having an absolute blast just questing my arse off into the early hours of the morning. I don’t think my level is high enough yet to do anything else, which is currently 34 but I might try and do a dungeon or something like that and at least see what its like before I get pounded into the dirt…

If there’s one emotion that’s been apparent since my WoW epiphany, its been one of giddiness, as there’s nothing quite like the feeling of seeing your experience bar fill up and getting that little bit stronger each time or unlocking new abilities and different ways to smash enemy monsters. If there is still one daunting thing that I still have to face is how to sort out the massive amount of skills and abilities that you earn, as I have seen various screenshots of high level characters in WoW where there screen is utterly filled with icons and only understandable by the player him/herself.

glug glug

Oh! Before I forget, I absolutely have to mention the utter avalanche of quests that are available to you, its utterly insane. At my level they reward you with a couple of thousand exp points so its just enough to keep you playing. “Hey if I complete a few more quests I can level up before I log off” (I said this to myself at 3am in the damn morning). Aside from ruining my sleeping pattern, the way it presents you with quest upon quest just makes you want to keep on playing, kind of useful in a game, let alone an MMO eh?

While doing all this, you take in the sheer scale of the game world, it really is massive and the only way to quickly get around places is to use a ferry of sorts, a hyppogryph (spellings off I think) ferry, which, for a small fee will take you on a flight path anywhere that you have discovered. I would fly myself and save myself some money but I don’t have a mount yet (I believe you only get access to them at lvl 60? Im sure someone will correct me if im mistaken). I absolutely don’t have the patience to go on foot to each location so I try to use the ferry when I can, although sometimes its prudent to save the money and walk/run where you need to go as traveling can get expensive when you’re poor like my Worgen!

going down

It also provides a nice view of the landscape while you’re being ferried, so that’s quite nice.

*Thought of the day, I had to do a mission to kill a queen spider, and that thing was huuggeee. I couldn’t help wondering how absolutely terrifying that fight would be if they had that same monstrous size, but had the graphical fidelity of the spiders off skyrim…..*

After that terrifying thought, I am pleased to say I am getting more and more familiar with how the game works and am still as excited to play it as I was last week!

More Noob Perspective to come

Hope you enjoyed it



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2 Responses to World Of Warcraft: Noob Perspective #2 “Leveling Up”

  1. Von says:

    Flying mounts do indeed become available at 60. You’ll never look back, either.

    Also, don’t talk to me about the spiders. I hate them. The fat ones are OK but the thin spindly Burning Crusade era model is… eurgh. No. No no no. I make a point of murdering them whenever I find them just so they stay still.

  2. djrutland says:

    Oh yes, whenever im using a gryphon ferry and we fly over an obvious spider spawning zone, I always wonder to myself what would it be like if we crashed right into it…. on seconds thoughts I don’t want to think about it!

    Yeah I cant wait to be able to fly that’ll save a hell of a lot of hassle

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