World Of Warcraft: Noob Perspective

Noob PerspectiveOk I am late to the party in terms of how old this game is, but the game is still very much alive and kicking since the first time I tried to play it. That was a long time ago now, I remember quitting about lvl 17 and two separate occasions, im not sure why, it could possibly have been my attention span when I was younger could only be measured in nano seconds.

Thankfully I had my 3rd attempt of getting into WoW and I can happily say it’s sucked me in like an expensive hooker. I’ve surprised myself how much im enjoying it, that giddy thrill of your experience bar filling up or when you find loot that’s better than the current stuff you have, in that way it fulfils the basic human need to find stuff, then find better stuff.

Another plus, is that there’s so much to do its unbelievable, that might seem absolutely obvious to anyone whose played even a second of WoW, but I didn’t lol. I always got to a point where there weren’t any quests left to do and then I would have no idea where or what I was meant to do. I guess I was too used to linear RPG’s and linear RPG’s so I wasn’t really too sure what to do with an MMO, thankfully that’s not the case now. Who’d have thought seeking out new zones corresponding with your current level was the way to go….. It seems so simple now!

The graphics are another thing that surprised me since all those years ago, there actually nice and crisp with that great fantasy feeling to it, the characters are all distinct and look really good, I especially love the panda’s but I just couldn’t help myself and had to pick a Worgen and never looked back as I love it being able to morph between human form and werewolf form, it’s so cool!


So, judging from the couple of days I have played so far It’s easy to see how this game can consume you! Although at the same time I might not have played it as much if GTA online had worked right off the bat. This is a ton of fun and more importantly the community seems to be a lot friendlier than anything on the online console services, although I am a console gamer and rarely had played multiplayer on pc but from my limited experience its a much more pleasant experience to play online than most games on console.

I’ll hopefully be looking into dungeons and raids plus more as I level up as im lvl 28 so far, im guessing that’s not high enough to be able to do that stuff right away?


I’m going to chronicle my progress through this massive game as that might be fun, hopefully you get a kick out of it (I’ll make sure something interesting will be happening!)

So thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it

more to come!



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1 Response to World Of Warcraft: Noob Perspective

  1. C3ph45 says:

    The interface has changed a LOT since it was released originally-when I first played, they didn’t label the zones according to level, and there was no guidance regarding where quest objectives were located-this was originally enabled through third party add-ons, but have since been incorporated into the build proper.
    In terms of dungeons and raids, dungeons are unlocked constantly as you go, and using the ‘finder’ will ensure you are in a relatively well balanced group (as long as you are at the right level). Unfortunately, because the game has been out for so long, these people tend to already know the objectives and as such run on ahead while you are still learning what’s what.
    Ideally you want to play this game with people you know, so that you can learn at your own pace, and learn together-it’s an incredibly colourful and deep game, with lots to learn, lots to master, and plenty of fun to be had solo (Unlike, say, Eve Online, which is a rubbish game to play alone).

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