The Effect Of Music

DavidNow im not a hard-core music fan, you know the type who get inspired/influenced by their favourite genre of music or their favourite band or whatever. However I can appreciate the effect that music can have on people or certain forms of media like games or TV shows or even movies.

It can enhance any situation whether it be an action scene, Dialogue, whatever situation you can think of it can almost always be enhanced through clever use of music and sound. By effect of enhancing the situation it also affects the viewer or player, im not sure how it does it but it always fascinated me how important good music and sound can make a game or movie etc.

The first instance of this for me comes from the Mass Effect series, specifically Mass Effect 3. The poignant moment for me came during the beginning as earth is being attacked by the giant hyper intelligent machines known as the Reapers whose mission is to exterminate all life in the galaxy,  it is a totally hopeless situation and you (Commander Sheppard) have to evacuate the planet and seek help from the other council races. The scene plays out as you fly away with the backdrop of the city being utterly annihilated, the music plays out with the difficult emotion of seeing your home facing oblivion and not knowing how your going to stop them.

I’ll admit it brings a tear to my eye, it’s so wonderfully crafted and so heart-wrenching. It’s so perfect for the situation.

The composers ability to create music to fit any scene, to me at least is utterly mind-boggling, to be able to tug at someone’s emotions like that with your creation is amazing.

It’s not restricted to games at all, any particular bit of music can make you feel a multitude of emotions, such as steeling you for an occasion or getting your pumped for working out, or if you’re having a particularly hard time of it etc. I’m just going to share one of my favourites that helps keep my spirits up if I’m having a rough time.

I love this song 🙂

If im exercising ill probably put on some heavy metal or heavy rock, that something to help you push on through any pain or breathlessness. It would normally be stuff from Rammstein or Motorhead, Iron Maiden is another one as well. Dance tracks just don’t do it for me, give me something heavy and im right as rain!

Lastly if im trying to relax or have a snooze then something like Enya or some Reggae (Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds” is one of my absolute favourites, I’ve always put it on to help relax during the evenings.

So that’s just a handful of songs that are very dear to me, I’d love to hear what some of your favourites are 🙂

Thanks for reading



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