Grand Theft Auto 5: It’s Bloody Good Y’Know


I had planned on writing about my experiences about GTA 5 a lot earlier than tonight, but you know how it goes, great game like that needs to be completed first before conducting a review of sorts. As opposed to doing a half arsed one when I had only played the game roughly 5 hours, as much as that idea was appealing to me this game deserves a more proper approach.

So anyway, this is in my ever so humble opinion the best open world game ever created, and possibly in the running for greatest game ever, it’s that good!

First off if you’re anything like me you’ll marvel at the games visuals and wonder at the technical marvel of squeezing something so massive and detailed in scale on machines that are, in the case of the Xbox 360 roughly 7 years old. It’s a brilliant achievement from Rockstar, you can easily lose yourself in the hustle and bustle of the city, that is if you’re not doing the various side stuff like playing a round of golf or tennis, If your after some adrenaline action there are street races, Off-Road events and sea races. The Off-Road events being my particular favourites.

You could also play the stock market to get more money if you invest in the right way, Or just guess and hope the stocks do well….. Much like in real life I suppose!


There is also the chances to meet the “Strangers and Freaks” littered around San Andreas. These are side missions that also count towards your completion percentage, which if you are a completionist you’ll need to do them all. Even if you are not a completionist the reason to complete them is that, there really fun and add a little extra to complement the story missions.

As for the story (see how I segway’d there? 😉 It is absolutely brilliant and thoroughly absorbing, the characters are superbly brought to life by the awesome voice acting and the quality of the visuals. I know all im doing is flinging superlatives at you, but it really is that good, the test for me when first playing it was forgetting when to go to bed and ending up playing it till about 3 am when I had originally planned to go to bed at 11pm.

Our 3 main characters are all connected, they work together in heists sometimes or if you want to hang out with them (Like in GTA 4, but thankfully they wont call you constantly to ask you why you haven’t invited them out for a drink or whatever, It’s always your choice and you’re not penalised for not being social, Hurrah!) The playable characters are all interesting to get to know and you do genuinely care about what happens to them, my personal favourite is Trevor, he’s the resident nutjob, he’s completely Unhinged and a mad man, but you can’t help but laugh at his antics because he’s also quite wacky into the bargaining without any inner-filter, he says some incredibly funny things, you’ll just have to take my word for it, or better yet go on YouTube im sure there’ll be some clips of him.

Perhaps one of the most important aspect of any sandbox game is if the open world presented to you is fun to explore (well, and to play).

The answer is yes oh a thousand times yes. None of the world is closed off to you like in earlier GTA games where you could only access certain parts after you had reached a certain part in the story. There’s none of that here though, you can do whatever the hell you want and there are no restrictions….. Unless your flat-out broke then you can’t do anything, but in principle you can do anything you want!

There is also a multiplayer component to GTA 5 as well which should be released in a couple of days, I haven’t really been following it at all so I know next to nothing about it. I will write it up my impression of it when I get my hands on it, but for now just assume nothing.


In closing this game has absolutely rocketed up the all time greatest list and should be number 1 on the majority of people’s lists, the boys and girls up at Rockstar have outdone themselves, and this, again this is all my own opinion is the clear winner of Best GTA game ever made as well as one of the, if not THE greatest game ever made.

Thanks for reading 🙂



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