Kerbal Space Program Special Fly Me To The Mun

Since I’ve recently broken through 100+ Followers I figured I would make an extra special effort to finally reach and orbit the Mun, and I can finally say that I’ve done it. Granted it was in a training scenario…. But I’m still counting it as the training tells you what to do, but you still have to do it yourself.

Even in training I managed to fuck up and so being forced to start right from the beginning. So here is my story of my first Mun Orbit and erm…. “Landing” hope you enjoy it!

So, to begin with I did attempt to create my own craft and get to the Mun myself, colossal failure is what it ended up as, I got confused with the orbit and ending it smashing the rocket into the sea…

In Memoriam of the brave little rocket that couldn’t:


After having a successful launch I had attempted to create an orbit around Kerbin, I got that all backwards, the end result was pointing the rocket straight at Kerbin with the engine at full power.

So after deciding that I needed a few pointers, I started up the Flying to the Mun Part 1 training scenario:

So It BeginsThe Cleanest This Map Screen Has Ever Been

These are the successful first two panels of the journey as I had “neglected” to screenshot the times where I shot off into unknown space missing the Mun all together, or following the wrong manoeuvre path and ended up completely the opposite of where I wanted to go. As you can see from the second panel the overall map looks quite clean, compared to what it was before where my orbital pathing was a jumble of lines shooting everywhere, conveniently none of them ending up in the Muns orbit!

Finally I had managed to achieve an orbital path where I would be under the influence of the Muns gravity rather than Kerbin’s (The planet where you start from). I had done this once before and ended up burning my engines for way too long, safe to say the end result of that was me adding to the huge cluster of space junk already in the far known reaches of space!

The ApproachMust Not Mess It Up!

This is where it starts to get serious! Now I may be building this up somewhat, but when you struggle as I have to get this far it feels awesome. Also incredibly nerve-wracking because you cant help but think to yourself, don’t fuck up!

Also this was the closest I’d ever gotten to the Mun, so there was that excitement too. To explain my lack of success….. I’m bad at this game, I love it to death, but I need to start thinking more in my craft designs, as often I could waste tons of time on building gigantic, totally obscene space rockets that go nowhere other than to explode. So finally, getting to the point where the Mun was getting rather large on the screen was a giddy thrill that I’m sure many have felt before me, and after!

Can Almost Touch ItGoing In For The Landing

Orbit Achieved! Then the next step is to try to land the sucker. One problem though, the craft doesn’t have any landing gear of any sort. I’ve never let a tiny thing like having the right equipment stop me before!

The most unscientific landing I’ve ever done, point the noise upwards during the descent and burn the engines as much as possible to dry up the speed so I don’t explode on contact with the ground. Well you can kind of see what happened below, It was a little bit dark but hopefully you can make out the remnant of the explosion…..


I am counting that as a win, even if it wasn’t in one piece, I managed to smear my kerbals and bits of craft on the Mun. So that marks my first foray on the Mun.

Thanks for reading guys and girls hope you stick around for more 🙂



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