Mass Effect 3: Citadel, Less Mass Effect, More Spin Off Tv Show *Spoilers*


Recently I have been playing through Mass Effect 3 for what seems like the 86th quadbillionth time, everything is how I remembered it, the nostalgia came flooding back with all the memories I’ve had with the series. To my surprise I saw a piece of DLC content that I had never seen before and had never heard about, it was broken up into two downloads called Citadel, which according to its description opens up another part of the Citadel Space Station plus, a devious plot that threatens to ruin your very identity…..

Now im not going to ruin the plot too much….. Ok yes I am, the whole premise of the plot to get Commander Sheppard is that his evil clone that Cerberus apparently had made is out to assume his identity and become the real Shepard. Sounds simple enough right? The actual story elements last you about an hour tops, or at least it did for me, and as I said in the title, this is more like a spin-off crime caper TV show than the usual Mass Effect Space Opera with a massive scope. This is tightly confined to a few locations, there are a few returns from the old favourites of the previous mass effect games but it feels a tad mis-leading as I don’t think you can actually have them as your party, perhaps other than for a few minutes.

There’s more humour in the short time you’ll be playing this DLC than in most of the entire series, or about the same, you get the feeling that since this is billed as a sort of vacation from the main story it’s pulling out all the stops to lighten the mood a little, and yeah a few moments get a chuckle out of you but im not sure the complete cast is that compatible with comedic moments, we know these guys and girls as badasses who defend the galaxy leaving hordes of aliens and robot corpses in there wake, and you see them here at Shepard’s house/apartment party.

I’m not saying its fun for a while but you can’t shake the feeling that it’s all a bit…. Odd and out-of-place.

Sure, the main story isn’t exactly under-stated, but I accept defending the galaxy from a race of Ultra-Intelligent Sentient machines more than having your evil Clone as your nemesis. Where did he come from? I know he said Cerberus made him but that’s about as much back story as you get, although I ended up throwing him off the edge of the ship (a moral choice option you get at the end of the DLC’s story arc) so perhaps he spills the beans if you don’t throw him into oblivion, we shall never known….. Until I play through it a second time I suppose.

The pay off for going through this ultra camp weirdness? A house party at your apartment, just go with it! You have to buy party supplies and do the guest list, which you can do with your eyes closed then you can experience what a party might be like with our intrepid heroes. Quite dull as it turns out, I’d forgotten how boring Liara was, or at the very least her voice actress is because it’s just a low, dull drone. Grunt however (from Mass Effect 2) is always good for a laugh and is genuinely entertaining (as are most of the Krogans in the series).

However if that series of events doesn’t float your boat you can always have a go on the seemingly obligatory addition to any Mass Effect game “The Combat Simulator” or casinos and arcades, again seemingly more out-of-place for the series as a whole but whatever its a change of pace and you need that every so often.

To sum up this, mildly hair-raising DLC experience. This is definitely out there in terms of bringing a different type of mass effect story/experience, and if only it was a bit cheaper then I would heartily recommend it as we should all try something different from this hobby of ours. Perhaps wait for it in sale, otherwise just be careful that again the DLC is quite short, but you can have a bit of fun with it even though for £10 you could probably get an XBLA game that’s twice as long and more fulfilling, but it has its charms, However for the next Mass Effect can we have a return to the epic story and galaxy spanning adventures please?

Thanks for reading 🙂



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