PayDay 2 A Tale Of Bank Heists, Robberies And Crashes

2013-08-13_00004So with the release of payday 2 on steam last week, I jumped feet first into the unknown (For me anyway!) world of pc multiplayer gaming with the sequel to the popular payday the heist. The basic premise of these games are to perform various robberies and heists and earning massive paydays, it’s a simple formula but it’s really fun and even if you play through the same heist multiple times, you don’t get bored, it’s definitely new for me, playing a game where the sole purpose is to get paid. However this brings up a particular nuance to the games community I feel.

What is it? Greed, because once you fulfil your objective of any particular mission, whether that be steal a certain amount of loot etc. You get an escape van sent to you and it usually ends up in a mad dash through a hail of bullets to make your escape before you get cut down by the police assaulting your position. It’s always incredibly tense and very exciting, the music ramps up and lets you know your about to go up against a wave of police assault personnel. So what do you do? Do you participate with your fellow team and make a break for freedom, or do you push your luck to the absolute brink for that extra cash or jewels or whatever, risking your life and possibly dooming your team to failure for your greed?

So far in my experience it has been the preferred option of players that once the escape vehicle arrives you haul arse and escape with the money you have, which in my opinion is that smart thing to do. Getting that extra loot doesn’t matter one bit if you get killed in the process of stealing it (as you lose everything if you fail a mission).

So how do you spend all of this loot that you collect? You spend it on better equipment and better guns, while using the xp you earn from levelling up on different skills to make the various heists that you pull a bit easier. I’m a big RPG fan so having to level up and unlock different skills etc is right up my street as it adds that little bit extra to the fun.

2013-08-13_00002If there’s one thing in particular, that ive had trouble with the game so far, is that I’ve been having connection issues and random crashes at several incredibly aggravating points. Imagine your legging it to the escape, and boop! The game crashes back to the desktop, either leaving you fuming or dumbfounded (depending on the level of loot you just lost as a result of the crash). This however has not stopped me playing the game for a total of 24 hours since its release last Tuesday, which is a ton of time when you remember im a console gamer mainly. So it really has grabbed my attention and it’s not letting go, which is absolutely fine by me, as you get such a good feeling when you form a good team and execute heists quickly and utterly perfect, which is heightened all the more when you realise how much loot you’ve earnt from the level.

It’s incredibly exhilarating and very fun, I whole heartedly recommend it. Yes there are some issues at the moment with various bugs and the crashing etc. However it is possible to look past that and get so much out of this game, it would be a crime to miss out on this.

(Or if you prefer to wait until the vast majority of bugs are fixed then that’s fair enough too!)

Thanks for reading 🙂



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