FTL: Faster Than Light, Pilot Your Own Spaceship And Then Get It Blown Up!

2013-08-06_00003We’ve all had that dream, where we are in control of our own spaceship playing the Han solo role (from star wars) getting riches and upgrading and making your ship unstoppable etc. Or perhaps some sort of variant on that, we all had that dream at some point, and when a game that comes along that lets you fulfil those child-hood fantasies, you grab it with both hands. I love this game, it has that simple yet addictive gameplay that of course pisses you off just enough that you don’t give in and keep going back and playing it.

So what is the actual purpose of the game? You are in control of a spaceship and you’re on the run from Rebel-Controlled forces, and you have to make it across a number of dangerous sectors of space to reach friendly controlled forces. Sounds simple enough right? Wrong! Because on this adventure we embark on, me get assailed by multiple hostile alien races and a crippling lack of resources (unless you play on easy). So of course that brings resource management into play, do you spend the scrap metal on upgrading your ships systems? Better shields? More weapons? It’s something you agonise over because your game can end so quickly if you run into a particularly nasty ship.

2013-08-06_00006The number one pain in my arse in this game is Enemy intruders, as with certain ships that you fight, have the ability to beam across boarding parties that wreck your shit up and 8/10 end up killing your crew and ending your run.

There is a lot of trial and error involved, if you choose to upgrade a certain system and you get annihilated, with the next play through you could try upgrading something else etc. Its a simple system but it works so well, the only thing I’d warn you about is of course the learning curve. If you manage to get your hands on a FAQ then you’d already be a step ahead of me when I first started playing FTL.

If there’s one thing im a big fan of in this game, It’s the ability to target an enemy ships individual systems, which brings a lot of strategy into the combat because what would you target first? The Shields? Weapons? Oxygen Generator? My personal choice is bringing down the weapons first, as that takes pressure off you and you have an easy time pounding away at your target without fear of return attacks. It’s one of those moments where you can really live out the Star Trek/Space fantasy.

2013-08-06_00004So if, like me you’re a nerd with a fascination with space and a big fan of Star Trek/Star Wars and the like, you’ll get a lot of genuine enjoyment out of this.

FTL: Faster Than Light is out on steam and since it’s an indie game its relatively cheap too.

So there’s another reason for you to buy it, right now! 😉

Thanks for reading



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