The Battlefield 3 Experiment: The Results/Moaning


Well I’ve officially ended the battlefield experiment I started months and months ago, and by that I mean I’ve sold it. This time however! It was not out of sheer frustration or nerd rage, it was out of a sense of finality, I’d finally gotten as much as I could out of the game (roughly 2 and a half days worth, which is good for me!) I was finally at peace……

Kind of, what with cheating/petulant server admins utterly frustrating assignments and camping snipers among many other annoyances…

I have finished with an overwhelmingly positive view of the game, particularly its multiplayer component which in my opinion is vastly superior to call of duty. Unfortunately BF3 still carries the utter frustration and nerd rage that came with COD too.

So here’s the results (moaning) from my time with Battlefield 3:

The god damn server admins for a start, they never think twice of booting you out of the game if you happen to kill them a few times or if your team is winning/dominating theirs. For example in a game of squad team Deathmatch (which might deserve another post to explain how utterly shit that is) we were winning heavily and I ended up getting switched to another team that had the grand some of 2 kills, while the team I was on had 77 (the winning limit was 100) so whatever admin did that can go jump in a fire ugh.


(No it isn’t!!)

The rules as well on individual servers can get pretty mind-boggling too. The descriptions can fill a whole paragraph of Kit restrictions or what you can or can’t do gameplay wise during the match. These kinds of people annoy me because why are you trying to restrict what the developers put in the game? Because in your own twisted heads certain bits of kit don’t require any skill to use? Or whatever kind of excuse they can think of? Pull your head out of your arses and just play the damn game rather than trying to stack the odds in your favour with rules that suit your gameplay style, assholes!

Yeah that was a whinge but that really ticks me off. The next one is a lot gentler… Sort of, it’s the ever immortal camping snipers. Those un-imaginative dicks who stick to one point, possibly high up if they have a brain cell or two to rub together, and they religiously stick to it. Now this doesn’t bother me as much as dick head admins, this is because If I ever found one of these sniping creatures I made it my mission to harass them (in the context of killing them in the game not actually harassing them like in communication etc im a gentleman! :D) and this provided so much entertainment for me, each time you would kill one of these things they would always return to their previous spot but try to hide a little bit so as to throw you off.

It never worked, this would either result in them giving up sniping entirely (which was my goal) or they would try to hunt me from the vantage points. I enjoyed this one the most because it distracted them from trying to shoot our team, and if I pissed them off enough it means that they would target me specifically the entire game! A situation usually rectified by shooting a rocket at their position (worked 8 times out of 10). So there is definitely something to being pro-active about campers, but moaning is fun so im going to continue doing that 🙂


Another thing that pissed me off royally was the game mode called Squad Team Deathmatch or just Deathmatch I can’t remember, either way it involved pitting 4 teams of 4 against each other and the team to reach the winning score wins. Pretty standard right? WRONG! Unless your playing in a party with friends and communicating you have no hope in hell of winning, you might get lucky once out of 100 matches, but why would you want to? That is not fun in the slightest, and you had to win 5 of the fuckers to unlock a gun that was needed for an achievement. So there’s me an avowed achievement whore and y’know what I just don’t care about getting that particular achievement anymore, it crushed my spirit so much that it can go die in a fire *sigh* oh and side note the game mode is pretty much camping central, and what’s all the more frustrating is that YOU have to camp as well to have any chance, which no matter how you say it makes me feel dirty all over.

But apart from those glaring issues, I had a ton of fun with the game and managed to get 61 of 63 achievements, and im happy with leaving that as it is. From someone who doesn’t really play games like these religiously im pretty pleased with it.

I would say its worth picking the game up, but battlefield 4 is out in a few months so it might be better to wait for that. Unless you can find 3 cheap then by all means go nuts as the multiplayer is really fun (single player is run of the mill really, its saving grace is that its insanely pretty).

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it 🙂



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