Challenges Are Great!….. Except If Your Playing Ninja Gaiden 3 Razors Edge


It’s not often that I get utterly frustrated with a game (unless your name is dark souls, which has earnt my permanent rage and I wish I still had a copy of it so I could shot putt the damn case with game inside it into a great big pile of cow shit.) Happily that game was a rare aberration, until I bought ninja Gaiden 3 razors edge on Xbox live. Now, this is a remake of the 3rd game of the modern Ninja Gaiden series because the 3rd edition in the series was about as well received as a wet fart. The previous modern NG games have been far superior and im a big fan of both of them, but for this one they took it in a decidedly different direction.

So, with Razors Edge they apparently “Fixed” issues that people absolutely hated from NG3, first off it being outrageously easy. Which for a Ninja Gaiden game is unheard of, this series is renowned for its tough challenges and hard to master combat system. One way I could put it is, if you decided to go to work at the office one day dressed as a ballerina, you stand out from the rest like a sore thumb! So did they fix this particular issue?

Yes and No

Hear me out, I loved the challenges of the previous NG games, it’s what made them so fun and satisfying to play, but they’ve made RE from too easy, to far too fucking Hard/Unfair/Frustrating its challenge derives from throwing a million enemies at you while out of reach enemies continually (and I fucking mean continually!) spam you with rockets and bombs until you can take a nano-second out of being mobbed to take them out. Of course while your being mobbed it adds to that frustration because you can’t take any length of time to take out the rocket firing bastards before you get attacked, the games combat challenge derives from hammering the player relentlessly and unfairly forcing you to constantly keep on the move.


Then what happens to make this task even more awkward? The wonky, utterly mind-numbingly bad camera system, granted that could be said of all modern NG games but for me they were at least functional. Here, it isn’t….. If you were planning on beefing up the number of enemies that attack you, at least let me see what’s coming at me rather than having to guess!

That’s another example of increasing the difficulty by nothing more than frustrating the player rather than challenging their ability to absorb and master the combat system. It’s not fun, it’s an exercise in frustration and trial and error gameplay arrgghhhh, and I feel incredibly stupid because I paid money for it!

The story of course is your standard Ninja Gaiden, get contracted out to deal with an external threat which in the end leads up to killing Satan…… Or some sort of Uber Demon. and of course several bosses have different stages to beating them, dragging out an already dull game even further when you just want it to end!

But wait what about the multiplayer on offer? Well the ninja trials which are Co-op are basically going through sections of the levels again, and as for the 8 on 8 I assume Team Deathmatch? I don’t know, the servers are utterly empty and quite frankly im thankfully because in no way has Ninja Gaiden needed any sort of multiplayer, it’s a single player hack and slash that’s what it does well, or at least used too.

Oh and the voice acting is terrible too…. Although trust me that wasn’t a surprise and its something you can appreciate….. Kind of

Ugh, Its been nothing but a disappointment, and a lesson for myself if a game seems sketchy on paper then for the love of god buy it cheaper 2nd hand rather than being lazy downloading it on Xbox Live.


A lesson I think all of us can take away eh? 🙂

Thanks for reading



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