The Walking Dead 400 Days: Give Me More!

gsm_169_WD400Days_ot_062813_640The walking dead by TellTale Games was one of the best games released digitally (in my case on the xbla) a point and click adventure of sorts, based on the comics rather than the TV show. And it was a master class in my opinion of great storytelling and character development where you actually cared what happened to your character and your group and you got so invested in the characters and the story, that the wait for each episode of the first season to be released was an absolute chore, a true test of patience especially if you remember the wait we all went through for episode 2 to be released.

However, since the first season has finished, we’ve been patiently waiting for season 2 and so to tide us over TellTale have released a special episode titled “400 Days” which bridges season 1 and 2, and I expect something they released to give us something to chew on while they continue to work on season 2.

The question is, is it any good? Well yes and no is the answer because being released for 400 Microsoft points is very cheap for something like this (I can’t remember if the full episodes were 800 points as its been a while!) but it is also incredibly short which really stunts the potential character development. The episode is centred around the stories of 5 survivors who you take control of and experience their stories through 20 odd minute sections. Now don’t get me wrong the stories (while they last) are very interesting and fun to play out, but again its like you’re getting the summarised version and it leaves you wanting more, although saying that, that was probably the point…..

The_Walking_Dead__400_Days_13726290899184The moral choices you have to make are what makes this episode fun and interesting, yet excruciating to play because there all varied and really make you think from what you think you should do and what you think the game wants you to do. For example do you execute someone not from your group who you catch in your camp stealing supplies, or do you let him go? Perhaps if you kill him you risk turning your camp into a brutal dictatorship, where you don’t think twice about executing people forsaking any bit of humanity that your group might have left? But at the same time wouldn’t it act as an effective deterrent to anyone else from the outside who might think of stealing their stuff.

Perhaps you let the guy go? Risking more unwanted visitors to your supplies, but at the same time maintaining your humanity, keeping your group that much more relaxed because hey, you don’t shoot people on site, definitely something to be happy about!

Its choices like that, that make this particular episode good to play, but at the same time you wish the stories would be fleshed out more rather than the cliff notes.

Is it worth your hard-earned points/cash? I would say yes, its more walking dead (which is always a good thing) but at the same time don’t expect this to have the same length as the regular episodes from season 1, as 400 days is barely an hour-long.

So in closing, Give me more TellTale! you utter tease!

Thanks for reading 😀



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