Borderlands 2 Tiny Tina! An Appreciation


If you’ve ever played Borderlands 2 you’ll know who this little, vaguely psychotic girl is. For me she is the best character in the entire game (even when you factor in all of the dlc add-on packs), her character does get expanded during her DLC, albeit very subtly but even if you take her at face value during the main game she’s very funny and if she was a constant companion then I would love it. During the main game you get exposed to her for a few quests which don’t last long enough because surprise surprise I thought they were really fun. She is also obsessed with explosions, so in the context of the game she fits into the world of Pandora like a glove.

She also stars in her own DLC Tiny Tina’s Assault On Dragons Keep which I believe is the final piece of content released by gearbox for the game. The basic premise is that the characters from the game are playing dungeons and dragons, which in the game is called Bunkers & Badasses and you live play as the characters in the board game, which allows for crazy situations such as Tina plonking down an unbeatable boss in the first 5 minutes of the campaign, which she changes in front of our eyes one Lilith points out how unfair that is, and so she changes it in front of our eyes.

One highlight for me especially is when she brings back Roland, while not actually voicing him, his dialogue comes straight from her brain which is absolutely hilarious.

During the Assault On Dragons Keep DLC we do get an ever so small glimpse of Tina’s vulnerable side where the remaining vault hunters from the first game force her to *Spoilers* admit to herself that Roland is dead.

It’s surprisingly moving, and by the end of the DLC we get a touching moment where she hugs the stone monument of Roland, which was actually very sweet.

So here’s to you Tiny Tina! May you remain awesome and in many more games to come!

From Youtuber MrGOODKyle

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