Call Of Juarez: Gun Slinger XBLA


Gun slinger is an FPS set in the wild west of America, it’s also the very first Call Of Juarez game (Of which I believe there are another 2 in the series) that I have every picked up, although ill admit the lure of how cheap it was *1200 Points* factored into it as well.

Even if the game were more expensive I’d still really enjoy it as much as I have, in a way its more akin to an old school shooting range stall at a carnival or something than an FPS, but for me that doesn’t detract from the game at all. What you get are levels that do hold you by the hand in regards of where to go next, but then again this isn’t Red Dead Redemption so non-linearity is definitely not a requirement here. This is because in my opinion the story is a really good accompaniment to the already very fun combat mechanics. You play as bounty hunter Silas Greaves in a bar re-telling his previous exploits to an enraptured audience, how he fought with billy kid or going toe to toe with Butch Cassidy etc. And these are good, fun stories and in essence while Silas is retelling the story, you the player are living it out as he speaks.

Continuing my theme of not reviewing/talking about this in a coherent order, lets briefly touch on the gameplay/action, which is great fun…… Ok ok, you get access to various weapons of the era such as the rifle repeater, revolvers and the shotgun, now that doesn’t sound like a great deal of variation but hey its the wild west, appreciate what you get! Although there is an upgrade lvling up system that adds a bit of spice to it by way of giving you legendary weapons or allowing yourself to reload faster or giving you extra ammo etc.

To complement this lvling up system there is a combo scoring system, where each time you kill a bandit in quick succession you get bigger combo multipliers giving your more XP, to help with this you also get a “Concentration” mode which is basically bullet time, slowing everything down for a period of time and making all the enemies glow a bright red, and let me tell you that is a god send when you have no idea where you’re getting shot from.

Finally, if you’ll let me indulge in this increasingly non-sensical ramble, the soundtrack for this game is awesome, I’ll admit I found myself pausing the game and just listening to the music playing (Thankfully it still plays even when paused.) it’s so perfectly paced for this sort of game, and as soon as it’s released on iTunes im picking it up in a heartbeat!

So yeah, to summarise, take a look at this game! Its un-pretentious and incredibly fun, and for 1200 points its well worth it.


Thanks for reading



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