Kerbal Space Progam: Fly Me To The Mun!

If you have been keeping in touch with me while I’ve been experimenting with kerbal space program, you’;ll know that I am utterly terrible at the game, but at the same time I’m still trying my best to progress and to finally land on the bloody mun! Surprisingly enough, after watching a YouTube video by the nerdcubed, that shamed me enough to finally make some real progress to get to the mun because he described himself as terrible, but at the same time I never made it into space as easily as he did. So I thought, enough of making a tit of myself and making stupid rockets that go nowhere, its time to finally make really progress into exploring the solar system!

The hardest part me for is transferring the orbit from Earth (Kerbin) to the mun, because the habit is boosting the your rockets so much that you end up out of the orbit of Kerbin and the Mun and you end up floating aimlessly in space. So I think that I can finally change the Deathtrap moniker of my initial space flight program to the explorer, or something less deathlike or having the impending sense of doom that having a rocket called the deathtrap entails.


Such as the explosions at the launch pads or mid-flight, while not as bad as it used to be, will never be dealt with completely! Either through impatience where I might accelerate too much so that the engines break apart, or that I run out of fuel to early, a multitude of things that could go wrong generally do!


My utterly awful attempt at making an orbit around Kerbin that will allow me a good chance to transfer my orbit to the Mun, but as you can pretty easily figure out, I failed miserably, but this screenshot can maybe give you some idea of how excited I was at this moment in time, before I failed miserably…..


Even after this setback, I am determined to finally make it to the mun, not necessarily orbiting the mun, but at the very least making a successful landing. Watch this space!


Wish me luck guys! Because if I fail this time, I may just cry my eyes out at this latest failure!

Thanks for reading 🙂



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2 Responses to Kerbal Space Progam: Fly Me To The Mun!

  1. Bob Kerbal says:

    Hey, keep at it! The feeling when you land on the Mun for the first time is amazing, although getting your Kerbals home again safely is the true test. Many a Kerbal of mine has been left floating on some ungodly orbit completely out of fuel. I’ve been playing this game a few weeks and absolutely love it. It is one of the hardest games to get to grips with I’ve played in recent years, and yes, it really needs some tutorials, but because of the challenge achieving anything successfully feels great. So far my great successes have been landing a rover/science lab on Duna (the Kerbal equivalent of Mars) and building a mini fuel depot/space station in orbit around Kerbal, so I can refuel my ships after getting into orbit.

    • djrutland says:

      That’s awesome! And yeah im slowly getting to grips with it, at the moment it goes in cycles for me. Each time I come back ill progress a little bit further. The space station and other stuff is beyond me at the moment though!

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