Its All About The Cricket

Cricket is a sport that is very dear to me, it has always been apart of my life at some point, whether it was my dad playing for the local pub and club side or my first game for the club side, or my brothers first time playing or whatever. Cricket will always be apart of me, why I might hear you ask?

Well for one thing, im not sure you could find many other sports that could bring about as many stories as every individual cricket player. You only have to corner someone at the pub or the club after a cricket game, and you could talk with them for hours on end about previous games they’ve played, funny moments that have happened in their cricket playing careers, or whatever. For me it’s almost community driven, where after playing for a number of years you get to know your team very well and consider them firm friends even outside the confines of the cricket club. But what also to me brings the community to the game is when you get to know your opposition, what hammered home to me one game, was when I was bowling for our club side at an away game, I called my name out to the scorers so they could write it down in the score book. Little did I realise, that they already knew my name from a year ago, and that I needn’t have said anything.

That always made me feel good, that your play made an impression on them, or that you showed them proper respect and decency at the same time of trying to beat them, that you managed to stick in their memories for all the right reasons.

I personally have been playing cricket for nearly 10 years now, and I suppose verging on the old veteran status (despite being 26!) and I couldn’t imagine playing anything else. So when we all go through that bad patch of either not playing very well or our team is struggling through a bad patch, it is important to always remember why we play cricket.

For that camaraderie, for that drive to contribute to a team but at the same time at a personal level too, because as a cricketer, yes you are a part of a team, but at the same time you contribute to that team by your own personal contributions. Although for me the ultimate drive was to play in a team that you got on with, with people who you can call friends, and that was always a pleasure to play with on a Saturday afternoon it’s as simple as that.

Another thing for me, again is the stories that one can gain from playing cricket, or even listening to the former international cricketers on the TV about stories while on tour or there confrontations on the pitch. Or perhaps films like Fire In Babylon which tells of the struggles of the west indies cricket team and their overall rise to absolute dominance on the international cricket scene. It’s quite possibly one of my favourite cricket films/documentaries I’ve ever seen, I could listen to those legends of cricket and their country for days on end.

The reason I decided to write about this? Because I have been feeling somewhat jaded with cricket as of late, and I needed a little bit of a reminder, a pick me up if you will, about the wonderful facets of this glorious game and just how lucky I and we are to have it in our lives.

Thanks for reading 🙂



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