Resident Evil Movie Marathon Special: Resident Evil Retribution Pt 2


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With Jill leaving the prison cell suitably suited and booted with the vaguely fetishistic tight leather gear, we see her in a small corridor, akin to the corridors in the first resident evil movie. Oh! Lo and behold a laser grid gets activated just like in the first movie which will slice through flesh like butter, so Alice runs her arse off until she gets to what seems like a depiction of Tokyo? But we know that Tokyo got all kinds of fucked up from the infection so how the hell is this possible?

This is where the movie still maintains its phase of being a head fuck because it’s very light on the explanation but very heavy on the unexplained zombie attacks, because we apparently see the original breakout happen again right in front of Alice. Questions get raised as she runs from the increasing zombie horde with a chain and gun in hand towards a door that opens for her, almost like a simulation? A test if you will.

During these action scenes you get the impression that Milla Jovovich isn’t the most natural of action stars because she still looks stilted and by the numbers, compared with natural action stars like the myriad of them you can find in Hong Kong action films (which I absolutely adore). Admittedly she does improve as the film progresses, but that I feel is a product of her moving towards gunplay than using martial arts, stick to what you know Milla. So after she is dealt with the zombies in Tokyo she comes across the control room for the facility that she is being held in, called Umbrella prime, here is where it starts to get really stupid because then we find out that Wesker (still alive funnily enough) and Ada Wong are here to break her out. Why? That’s never adequately explained, apparently she is humanities last hope, why is she that? I don’t know, perhaps that powers she had in previous films are looking mightily tasty right now.


Wesker is played by the same actor as the previous film and he hams it up beyond belief, if you can imagine that accent that he has, verges on the pantomime English accent villain then your nearly their. It’s so ludicrous that how your meant to take it seriously I do not know. It seems that Wesker was the one that hacked into umbrellas computer systems to initially release Alice in the first place, now Wesker is the least trust worthy person in the planet so we shouldn’t trust his motives in the slightest. However Alice is a lot more trusting than we are, following Weskers agent (Ada) to there escape, which happens to rendezvous with a strike team that wesker has set up to help our two ladies escape.

We also get a bigger picture of what is happening to the world while we’ve been in prison here at “Umbrella Prime” is that they created a new arms race, not with nuclear weapons, but with bio-weapons, which raises the question, what is the fucking point of selling bio weapons when the entire world gets fucked up!? When money and profit get thrown out the window in way for survival. However way you try to spin it, it is a monumental flaw.

Anyway, so the facility we’ve been cooped up in is in actual fact an old soviet submarine pen…. Ok, original I guess, but umbrella made sure to rebuild it in their image with several simulation “Rooms” that recreated new York, Moscow etc to show what an outbreak would be like, to in effect, pitch there bio-weapons to the world governments.

You still following? Yeah me neither, the justification for all this going on is as weak as piss, but hey I’m still watching the damn movie so I guess more fool me. So Ada and Alice are due to meet the strike team in the Moscow simulation, and who is the strike team I hear you ask? Well it is led by Leon (Of Resi 4 and other games) who wouldn’t be working for Wesker in a million years so he probably told a whopper of a lie to get Leon on side. Another member of our hapless heroes is the one and only Barry who I believe is from Resi Evil 1 and Luther from the previous films, plus 2 extras who have barely any characterisation who we already know are guaranteed to die.

Anyway, so who is the ultimate villain who is hindering our escape from the facility? Why its the red queen of course from the first resident evil movie….. Yeeeep that’s right the A.I. from the first god damn film, come on guys could you not think of something perhaps more threatening or original than rehashing the same thing? She gives off absolutely no threat, as whenever our heroes enter a new area we see her facial form saying initiate biohazard simulation or whatever. Doesn’t that ruin any sense of tension? Having the villains face up in our grill imitating a pouty spoilt brat? To my mind, having her being invisible and silently initiating protocols to stop them would be far scarier and threatening than to have her all up in your face, but hey that’s just me.


So I’m hoping that the film doesn’t turn out like Resident evil 1 mark 2 because the first film sucked balls, and the more we can leave it alone the better.

So how do our hapless heroes fare against the red queen and her biological zombie idiots? Find out next time!

Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed it 🙂



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