When Does A Game Stop Being Fun? And Pre-Owned Games *A Ramble*

409586c1fb095915421048ab66391c60We all know games are fun, but when does it get to the point that you play it just because it’s a habit? That you no longer are enjoying yourself, rather doing it because your gunning for achievements or some sort of unlock that isn’t paramount to the game? Or perhaps you might kid yourself into thinking you’re enjoying it?

Either way its something we all go through during our gaming “careers” although I would wager that some wouldn’t even realise that they stopped having fun with a particular game.

I’ve been thinking about this lately because I’ve come across games that I thought id love or really enjoy but after a while all I got from it was frustration and annoyance, now I’ve always been someone to actively sell old games or part-exchange at the local shop, and I’ve always got shit for it because as I keep getting told I can’t keep a hold of my games more than a week or two before I get rid of them for something else. My feeling though that once you’ve got the most you can out of a game or its stopped being fun for you, what’s wrong with changing it for something that you’ll actually enjoy? And with the pre-owned games market it’s a little easier to take a gamble on something you may have not had the chance to play before, or to play something you hadn’t previously heard of before.

I’ve been having this problem lately as I recently bought the Hitman HD pack… Thing and granted they are meant to be really good games, Hitman 2 for example was received extremely well back in its days of being a pc game, and I had played it back on the day on the pc. But, try as I did, I just couldn’t get into it this time around, it just wasn’t fun to me on a console, perhaps that’s because my tastes have changed but I just couldn’t find anything redeemable about the game, I just didn’t have any fun with it, it just punishes you too much and the simple things like stealth take downs are an absolute bitch to do because of how old this game is, you can’t help thinking it is seriously limited by its technology that it was originally coded for.

So I have a dilemma, do I sell the game and get what I can for it? Or do I try and stick it out, and see if my opinion changes down the line? I think I will sell it at some point in time because my thinking now is, when a game has stopped being fun and you are not getting any pleasure out of it, then that particular game should be winging its way to a 2nd hand bargain bin.

But when do you realise that you’re not having fun? Well for me the best example is Dark Souls *Grinds Teeth* now I know im probably in the minority here to say that I really didn’t like the game at all, because a game should be fun not cause you to get angry or frustrated or perhaps cry. Dark soul does this by having unbearably clunky controls and everything is seemingly out to kill you, now I wouldn’t mind that so much if the control scheme and implementation were up to scratch, but there not, and for me this game dishes out pain to its user time after time after bloody time. And that is not fun to me, but then at the same time, the gaming communities general opinion was that its meant to be a superb game, so I couldn’t help thinking perhaps im missing something and that I should keep grinding away at it.

Bad idea, as when you reach that point in a game where its dishing nothing but pain and suffering on you, then that is the time to switch off and play something else, and possibly throw the disc out of the window.

Its harder than you might think to realise when you’re not having fun with a particular game but trust me when you do, you will save yourself a lot of tantrums and tears (like I did lol). Although it could be a sign as well of burn out so be careful chaps and chapettes!

Thanks for reading this round about ramble 🙂



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54 Responses to When Does A Game Stop Being Fun? And Pre-Owned Games *A Ramble*

  1. Louella says:

    I’ve not so much time for games lately, with everything else I prioritize. Back in the day (like maybe 2001/2ish when I did have time to play) I really enjoyed the Bull Frog games. Theme Hospital is my favorite game ever ever everrrrrrrrr (tell I REALLY like that one eh?)

    Here is a quick squizz – http://strategywiki.org/wiki/Theme_Hospital/Diseases – Main reason I so enjoy it.. lol (quirky sense of humour)

    Great post, Thanks for sharing

    Miss Lou

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