When The Quiet Man Speaks?


I’ve always been someone who would be classed as “Quiet” whatever I was doing or whatever I was participating in I wouldn’t say much. It’s just the way I’ve always been, if I don’t have anything to contribute to the conversation or whatever is being done then I’d keep my mouth shut and keep my head down. So I’ve always wondered how come rather than stay thoughtful and quiet, the accepted form is to be loud, to over-ride others?

Perhaps it’s that base human instinct, that alpha male need that some have, to be the centre of attention, to be the boss if you will. And in my opinion is still present, perhaps even more so in this day and age. It’s always something I have struggled with, especially in a group situation because it is very likely that you’ll find that someone who likes to talk louder than everyone else, and no one else can get a look in. So as the quiet man, your compelled to do, is stay quiet.

Then of course that can come back to bite you in the ass because, what if you don’t say something? what if you don’t speak up about an idea you may have, or to that special someone? You don’t get what you want in life, because you’re too happy to let other people take it. That is the penalty of being the quiet man/woman. Because people think your planning something, or be wary of someone who doesn’t talk that much, I’ve had that a few times. Where someone might say, you always have to be careful of the quiet ones…. That never ceases to piss me off.

That’s probably a reason why I got so much into gaming, because you could be your own man or character or whatever, and you were in control.

Granted it is something you can learn, but if your anything like me it is very difficult because your essentially going against your very nature that you learned when you were very young.

If there is anything you want however, you are going to have to learn to assert yourself, never assume that someone is thinking the same as you, or that they can read your mind. I’ve made that mistake so many times. The thing to remember that it is ok to speak up once in a while, stand up for what you want, because otherwise it’ll always be a pipe dream, unless your lucky of course (I’m not!).


Thanks for reading my little ramble/rant it was something that has been on my mind all day, so hopefully it makes a bit of sense now its out on paper (Figuratively speaking!).



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