E3: PS4 And Xbox One…. Its All About The PS4 For Me *Opinion*


Well as E3 is in full swing, and we finally have the, more or less full details of the Xbone and the PS4 the time was right to really gauge which one I think is the best one, or at least my personal choice, although if you’ve seen previous posts of mine you’ll probably already have guessed what it is already. Although maybe Microsoft’s (for once) gamer-centric conference do the trick?

Well yes and no (although I find it a bit hard to swallow that for the first time in years at their E3 conference they’ve concentrated on games seemingly because there trying to do severe damage limitation caused from there utterly ridiculous restrictions that they have placed on their machine.) The games that Microsoft showcased are, to say the very least very tantalising.

Exclusive to the xbone, Dead Rising 3 (I love the dead rising games) the new title from respawn (the guys who quit Infinity Ward) new Halo among other things. It definitely should pique any gamers interest, but the eerry shadow from the restrictions put on the machine cast a long a thick shadow because, for me, I just can’t ignore the fact that the online every 24 hours etc is something that I can’t get over.

So, while in a bit of a dilemma I watched Sony’s conference hoping that they would go the opposite direction with their machine than to Microsoft, to in a sense, cement that growing feeling that the next generation, for me, will be played in front of a PS4. Maybe I’m jumping on the bandwagon a little bit with this, but with Sony announcing that there will be no always online requirement and no pre-owned fees (which sold it for me right there), how do you justify the Xbox one in light of that? Of course ill hold fire before I even hint of descending into fanboyism, the games are of course what matters, but I put it to you as well that at the same time, without a good platform the experience is just not the same.

I can very well see myself getting both… Eventually, but I think right now it’ll be the PS4 first up, I just can’t look past those damn restrictions.

Lastly here’s something that made me chuckle and hits home one of the points of no pre-owned gaming fees:

*Edit* Isn’t it a funny thing that the thing we’re all buzzing about is the pre-owned fees and always online restrictions. Back in the day it used to be about how much power each respective machine had, and if one had a significant amount more, then they would win the day, unless their respective line up of games sucked. *sigh* I realise I’ve just made myself sound really old (I’m 26!) it just would be nice if everything could go back to that simpler time of just being able to play and enjoy our hobby together without having to worry about this kind of shit.

Thanks for reading 🙂



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