Escaping Anxiety And Depression With Gaming


Gaming for me, has always been at the fore-front of my life. When I got diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 3 years ago, I turned to games to help me cope with the seismic change that was occurring within my body and also to help deal with the ensuing anxiety that comes with hearing that your life will never be the same again. It’s in those moments of weakness and absolute anxiety that you turn to the things that you know and love to give you comfort, and for me one of those things was gaming.

I’m not sure what I would have done without it, its something that has always provided a measure of escape from the rigours and difficulties of life. Would you deny someone who was recently diagnosed with diabetes or someone who suffers from depression or anxiety or whatever the chance to escape that reality for a few hours? I hope the majority of you would answer of course not! Having that release valve, that escape is invaluable, definitely in my perspective. I’ve had recently a lot of trouble with dealing with anxiety, where you get those bad days that never seem to end, or at least never wants to loosen its grip on you.

The importance of having the relief can never be under-stated.

However it’s not a fix for depression and anxiety, that can only ever come through getting help and personal growth, but having it as that companion, well as I said it’s always been nothing but a positive for me.

The fix for anxiety and depression always has to come from you and your willingness to get help and to act on the help provided.

But having the escape, in my opinion always helps in the healing process.

Thank for reading this little ramble 🙂



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