Anxiety And Indecision


Indecision has stuck with me my entire life, whether it would be something as trivial as say having to go to the post office or deciding to go the doctors or not when sick. It’s why these days I try to be a lot more decisive, pick an option and just go with it. However, even when trying to be more decisive you still get those bad days where you get paralysed by anxiety and you’re not sure what you should do about it.

I still get that on occasion, those times, caused by anxiety where you think of positive action you can take to ease your mind, but then at the same time your mind kicks up reasons for you not to do that. That’s one of the most frustrating things about suffering from anxiety, the doubt, the fear that gets put into your mind that what you’re doing is the wrong thing, or the steps you want/need to take to get better, could possibly be wrong and that you shouldn’t even try them in fear of getting hurt or messing up even more.

That is the hardest to get over, and sometimes it feels night on impossible, but its something that you can get control over. You do get those odd bad days where it feels impossible but that’s where hard-earned experience will set you right.

One of the most important things though, to my mind at least, is to remember you are not alone in these feelings. It’s just the nature of the beast im afraid, it’s never easy, but it can be controlled, you have the will to do it. The hard part, is to realise and grasp that you can do it, you can get better 🙂


Thanks for reading


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