Xbox One: Confirmed Must Connect To Internet Once Every 24 Hours…..


So I was reading on the CVG website that Microsoft have indeed confirmed that you will need to log in once every 24 hours to be able to have the ability to play your games offline.

So if you miss that log-in then your pretty much fucked? Doesn’t it defeat the point of being able to play games offline? To play offline you need to connect every so often online, why oh why did the big wigs at MS decide that this was a good idea? Its further dumping more restrictions on the consumer base and treating them like software pirates. Granted you can understand in a way why there implementing a system like this, but at the expense of the honest law-abiding consumer is absolute madness.

Seemingly then, when you buy the console you’re at risk of it turning into a very expensive brick *sigh*

The PS4 is looking more and more appealing by the moment, or perhaps maybe investing into a serious gaming PC and just move to that. One of two option, I’ll possibly do both, as brand loyalty can only stretch so far and it seems that Microsoft has taken that for granted. As if it turns out the PS4 is nowhere near as restrictive as them, then I’m going to jump ship without looking back.

But until Sony finalise there plans I guess its prudent to at least hold fire on any righteous nerd rage.

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4 Responses to Xbox One: Confirmed Must Connect To Internet Once Every 24 Hours…..

  1. C3ph45 says:

    Really don’t see the problem. My console is always attached to the internet, and if by some chanceit loses connection to the internet, it will reconnect in short order. In terms of used games, this might be a problem, but it also might not-I have far too many games I buy preowned and then never play or finish-it just means I’ll have to only buy good games (the ones I would preorder and/or buy brand new anyway).
    I honestly think all this X-Box One bashing is retarded, as it’s how we play games anyways, people just don’t want to admit it. How many games have you bought On Demand, when you could have got them cheaper online or in a shop? In many ways, they’ve done something smart-they’ve priced all the little kiddies off onto the PS4, which will make Xbox Live a far happier place!

    • djrutland says:

      What if there server fails? At least if live goes down now on 360 we can still play the damn thing offline, and it’s the principle of the thing adding more restrictions is not what people want or should have. As for pricing people off live? That makes no sense they want to sell more not less. And yep I’ve bought games from steam and games on demand… The kicker? I can still play them while offline

    • djrutland says:

      Ps if you don’t have a problem with it jase then more power to you 🙂 just don’t be surprised that lots of people do have problems with it.

  2. Tend to agree with you. I dislike the concept that I HAVE to connect to the internet. Don’t get me wrong, I love that my consoles have connectivity, and they do in fact remain connected most of the time, but what of those holidays you take your console on to bring a long your all in one media/entertainment device for the family?
    Or taking it to a friends for some in-person social gaming?
    What about isp, ms server, or slow response issues?
    I in fact HATE the idea that I HAVE to be connected. I will certainly never consider this console for purchase.

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