Movie Time! Dredd (3D) A Review Part 3



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So, after the psychic head fuck that was the interrogation by Anderson (The Rookie) we find out that the reason Ma-Ma and her clan are gunning so hard for them, is because the lieutenant they’re holding for interrogation knows too much about her operation and wants to silence them before word gets out about her nefarious deeds. And just what is it that she is up to? Well she runs the entire manufacturing of the slow-mo drug, so of course she doesn’t want that to get out, otherwise she is going to earn the entire attention of the judges back at the halls of justice. Although while the whole building is in complete lock down she still has a chance of salvaging the situation…. But she has to get by Dredd first. This is where the two judges start to bring the attack to Ma-Ma and I love the shift, in a way its been building up to this for a while and only now after they know all the facts they decide she has to be stopped.

Which of course brings action aplenty to keep that adrenaline pumping for the viewer, as it continues its high standards of bad assed…ness, probably not a word but still, I stand by it!

capture5The kicker to this plan however is when Ma-Ma brings in the judges so to speak, but these guys are bent (corrupt) and are actually there to kill Dredd and the rookie for her, for a nominal fee of course. This also serves as a transitional period for the rookie, as she has been captured and restrained (to be executed later) but before this can happen we see that classic Dredd bit where the lieutenant who they had been dragging around the complex is the one who means to kill her, but he uses her gun, which of course doesn’t recognised his I.D and promptly blows his arm off. Allowing her to make an escape and to start wreaking havoc on the bad guys, which again is very well done. It’s always been a pet peeve of mine that female roles in action films are generally very poorly done, and by that I mean, they cast the role to the most attractive actress regardless of whether they even look like they could handle themselves in a fight. Here Olivia Thirlby (Who is also attractive) makes you believe that she has the ability and the power to kick your arse, she’s not just a pretty face.

Same goes with Lena Heady as Ma-Ma, she pulls off crazy psycho bitch incredibly well, so well in fact that if you met her in a lonely alley, you’d better start screaming and run in the opposite direction as fast as you can! Again she’s believable, if you need more proof look at her role as Cersei Lannister on the game of thrones tv show, she’s a perfect villain.

The bent judges do get dealt with in the end, the personal highlight for me was Dredd switching to his last high-explosive shot and nailing one of them in the face, now that was cool.

So after the rookie teams back up with Dredd (she kills the final judge who was just about to kill Dredd) they head on up to meet Ma-Ma, effortlessly dispatching her bodyguards. While this is going on we see her attach a device to her wrist which digs itself into her skin, which we find out monitors her vital signs, where up if she is terminated it will trigger explosives from level 75 upwards. It doesn’t save her though, Dredd shoots her in the stomach, doses her up with slow-mo and throws her off the top-level of the building, banking on that device having very limited range, so as not to work when she impacts messily on the ground.

Judge Dredd Still Image

It’s an oddly beautiful scene as we watch her, from her own perspective plummet from the top all the way to the ground while beautiful music is played and the beautiful visuals get brought to the forefront. Only to be slightly ruined by the impact at the bottom, but hey this is an 18 rated film or R restricted if you’re in the states, so what do you expect.

So after the lockdown is finished, we see the Dredd passes the rookie and the film slowly fades to credits while playing the films theme, which is aweessome!

I thoroughly recommend this film, apparently the film bombed when it was released at cinemas, god only knows why because its such a great film, but its being redeemed through its booming DVD and Blu-Ray sales. This is our only hope of a sequel getting made, for it to continue booming in those sales and then maybe after a point the sequel will get green-lit.

We can only hope, so if you don’t have it, go buy it now! It is your duty!

Thanks for reading 🙂



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