Too Many Games! Steam Sales Are Bad For Your Wallet


Yep, there is such a thing as having too many games. And I blame Steam! Now for anyone who doesn’t know, Steam is an online service that allows you to “Buy” and download pc games. And it is quite possible one of the most dangerous things for your wallet known to mankind….. Why is that? Well because they constantly have sales for games such as 50% off or 75% if your lucky etc.

Even if you know you’ll never play the game, because it’s so damn cheap you’ll want to buy it anyway! It makes no sense, surely if you don’t think you’ll play the game or even like it then don’t buy it! Then that little part of your brain sparks up and says “But it’s so cheap!” and “You might play it at a later date, better to get it now before the game goes off sale” and so on. Maybe it’s because its appealing to our lazy side? Having that much convenience at our finger tips and the fact that it’s a video games, a beloved hobby, that just creates another pull for you to buy whatever gets sold on sale.

steam batman

This can also apply to buying online on the Xbox live marketplace or the PSN, because it’s essentially the same premise. Buy your games without having to even get up off the couch or chair your on, the curse of the time perhaps? Because if you went out into town or the high street to buy a game or have the idea that you want a game but you’re not sure which one so you have a browse, you’ll want to make sure you pick the right one for you, because you’ve expended that effort to get up off your arse and to the store, you don’t want to feel like you’ve wasted your time right? Where as if your just sitting on your arse in front of a screen and the most physical effort you’ll expend is moving your mouse or the sticks and buttons on a controller, then by process you wont mind as much if you happen to pick up a piece of shit, because it was (Cheap) and/or you didn’t have to do much to buy it, and hey you can always go back to it if you really want (as you forget you even bought in the next 5 seconds to forever waste away in your library of games).

The “Price” you pay both in physical terms and monetarily is far diminished. So you feel less and less about buying countless games using steam as an example, and then to never touch them again, I remember back as a kid that would never have happened.

Perhaps that’s another reason why we buy so much crap on online gaming markets, is simply because we can? As a kid you were generally strapped for cash and had to rely on the charity of your parents to be able to buy any games at all, so of course that forces you to be very studious in your choices, because if you mess up then you’re stuck with it and quite possibly force yourself to play a shitty game because you have nothing else to play at that point?


So as you get older and gain a steady income you’re able to buy games yourself without having to rely on anyone else, and considering the type of hobby we all love there are a lot of games to choose from and more being released all the time, so you feel compelled to buy them all….. Unless you have an iron will and the control of a saint (I’m lacking on both fronts!).

I don’t think id have ever got to a point where id hear, let alone say that “I have too many games” but of course the times they are a changing, and at the very least we can console ourselves with the fact that at least we’re supporting the developers by hoovering up whatever they make via the sales etc.

Will I ever stop? Nah, because you do occasionally find gems in there, such as Kerbal Space Program, I had never heard of that up until a point that my friend bought it and had told me about it, so I took the chance and it turned out to be a brilliant game. So if you need to justify to yourself buying tons of games via the online sales etc then there you go…. Well that’s the excuse ill be using 🙂

Thanks for reading this ramble of mine


P.S. Don’t take this as me complaining about it, I just found it curious so I thought it was worth a ramble 🙂


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3 Responses to Too Many Games! Steam Sales Are Bad For Your Wallet

  1. Couldn’t of said it better myself! Hahahah! Right after I just bought like 4 things off steam ahahaha

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