Movie Time!: Dredd A Review Part 2


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So from where we left off our judges make it to the mega block, also known as “Peach Trees” ugh hate that name, to find the 3 homicide victims splattered on the floor. They had been skinned and flung off the top floor of the tower, bear in mind this is a colossal building, roughly 200 levels high? And to top it off they were given a dose of slow-mo, so the fall would have taken forever, almost like another torture in of itself. This really gives you a good grounding in what to expect from the criminals in the film, very nasty, very violent gangsters who have utterly no remorse and wouldn’t think twice about committing horrific acts for their own means.

This is the cue for the movie to step on the accelerator and really start to ramp up the action. To one of my favourite action scenes of the movie, Essentially its your run of the mill drug busts in one of the rooms of the tower block, but what makes this that little bit different is that the criminals are all hopped up on slow-mo. So when Dredd and the rookie crash the party we see it all in glorious visuals and erm… Somewhat extra graphic shooting (I don’t have a problem with that but, it’s just a warning if you’re a bit squeamish with that sort of thing.) Although the bullet entry during the slow-mo bits are hard to watch at times, especially when you see one enter a fat guys belly *shudder* but this is all given an almost poetic overtone with the music that the play during the slow bits, it’s almost beautiful….. Until you remember what’s actually happening.

To show you what I mean:

As you can see, it’s another use of the slo-mo cam that has been used to death in many films, but they seemed to have found a way to make it visually exciting again.

So after the drug bust they capture for interrogation one of Ma-Ma’s (Clan leader) lieutenants, and afraid that he’ll break, she completely locks down the block while simultaneously tricking the authorities to ignore it as a drill, clever girl. Or clever henchmen in fact, either way Dredd and the rookie Anderson are now trapped inside, now targets of seemingly every resident with a gun in the tower. They run into pockets of resistance, but even while trapped they are still equipped far better than the perps, of course they have a finite amount of ammunition, so that comes into play somewhat although we do get treated to the different mode of Dredd’s gun like its incendiary mode or high explosive rounds, all of which are awesome! Even armed with the superior weapons you can’t help escape that oppressive feeling the film gives you that they are on serious borrowed time if they don’t figure out a solid plan of getting out of there, all the while dragging around the captured lieutenant with them.

Now however, we come to one of the absolute best most jaw dropping action scenes of the movie, as Dredd moves on by himself and orders the rookie to stay put at a pre arranged location he comes to the lobby of one of the floors on the higher-ups of the building, and just so happens to come across a pretty incredible sight.

Three huge tripod mounted mini-guns being set up on the opposite side of the lobby to him, and there all meant for him. And of course as soon as they spot him the guns start spinning up and unleash absolute devastation to the surrounding area, Dredd only has time to say “Oh Shit” before having to run away sharpish before he’s cut down into a bajillion pieces. And when Ma-Ma shouts (Although who the hell can really hear her over 3 mini-guns going full on?) concentrate fire! It just leaves you in awe… Although you have to wonder what the are aiming at anymore because understandably Dredd doesn’t come out of cover, at all. So they must be firing at some arbitrary spot? Unless the massive holes that they’ve gouged out with the guns allow them glimpses of him while he’s running for his life?


Miraculously, he survives. Understandably a little bit miffed that they’ve just gone through huge lengths to kill him, overkill would be the operative word here. So our two judges crash into what looks like a class room to interrogate their prisoner (who they still have been dragging along all this time). Dredd gives him the once over and bloodies him with no real effort, but here is where the scene gets turned on its head somewhat by Anderson (The Rookie) who says leave it to her, since she’s psychic she doesn’t need him to confess since she can delve inside his head at will anyway.

What comes is a punchy little scene where essentially she duels with the perp inside his own head, but not in the way you might think (physically) since he’s inside his own head too he can do anything he wants, so he tries to freak her out by thinking of her naked, henceforth she manifests in the scene like that, or by performing a sex act, but of course she has tricks of her own up her sleeve, so during the sex act (oh who am I kidding, it’s a blow job which is only inferred, the movie never panders to that sort of thing.) we then see her walk up to the side of him, equally freaking him out because she’s meant to be “servicing” him, Anderson turns the thing giving him a blow job into Ma-Ma (Who is famous for feminising a man with her teeth…. I think you can see where this is going). So naturally, he breaks and she finds out what he’s been hiding this whole time.

But as this post is getting long enough ill save it for a part 3.

Make sure you to come back!

Hope you enjoyed it and thanks for reading 🙂



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