Movie Time!: Dredd A Review Part 1


Ok ill spoil the review right off by saying I absolutely loved this movie. I know im somewhat late to the party as I gather its been out for a while but I managed to pick up the dvd on the cheap, and im so glad I did.

To begin with I did think this film was more of a futuristic version of “The Raid” another equally awesome film (Although thinking about it now, Dredd may have been released before that so perhaps its the other way round?) Either way there both great films but we’re here for some Dredd. This time around he is played by Karl Urban of Lord Of The Rings fame and Doom….. Ok not so much Doom, I enjoyed it but anyway. I’m pleased to say he does a much better job than good old sly Stallone does, he always keeps his helmet on so you don’t get that glimpse of what he looks like. Unlike in the old Judge Dredd where you see what he really looks like all the freaking time, which really broke his mystique as you realise, oh he’s only human and not quite the badass the film wanted us to believe in.

The no showing of his face this time round I think is a far better way of keeping that mystique of Dredd alive. This even factors in during the our introduction of Cassandra Anderson  (played by Olivia Thirlby) who has psychic powers, during the scene she is introduced to Dredd she senses him and is asked by their superior (To demonstrate her power to Dredd) to tell us more about him, while she gets the anger and absolute control in his character, she also senses something else, deeper perhaps but she is cut short by their superior before she can go any deeper. And that really stuck out for me, because this film wasnt about Dredd and his back story or how we as the audience can find him relatable, he’s there to be a cold-blooded enforcer of the law, well and be incredibly bad ass at the same time.


So at the beginning of the movie we get introduced to Judge Dredd despatching justice to some doped up coke heads (or I guess in the context of this movie, slow-mo heads?)  as the drug of choice in the mega city today is called slow-mo funnily enough, which causes everything to seem like its slowing down to 1% of the speed time is actually occurring. When these moments occur though, really nice music plays and almost induces you into the state that what is shown on-screen, everything slowing down so much you almost feel numbed to everything and stare out like a regular crack head might. So the filmmakers did a wonderful job in conveying what it would be like to be “high” on that particular drug. So after Dredd dishes out the executions, personal highlight, him firing what i assume was an incendiary round into the criminals mouth and we basically watch him cook from the inside…. Gruesome I know, but you can’t deny it when you see it, it’s a very cool scene.

So as the clean up crew arrives and Dredd leaves (we hear the clean up robot saying the mall will be re-opening in 30 minutes, thank you for your co-operation… While its mopping up a pool of blood…) We get introduced to the Rookie “Cassandra Anderson” who as i mentioned before is blessed with psychic powers, so naturally the judges or very interested in her as her powers are incredibly potent, even more so than your normal psychics.


(Top-Olivia Thirlby as the Rookie and Down-Karl Urban as Dredd, both kicking ass!)

But as her test scores for joining the judges is quite low, bordering on failure there torn between cutting her, or giving her another chance or just passing her all together, as someone with her powers comes around once in a blue moon, so there understandably reluctant to let her go. So The head judge teams her up with Dredd, to act as her assessor if you will, and this is where the film really starts gaining traction into its main story line.

We get an idea of just how badly infested with crime the mega city is. Thousands of crimes occur each day and they can only reply to about 6% of them, there are just simply not enough judges to go around a city that’s 800 million large. So as part of the assessment, Dredd allows the Rookie to choose which crime they will attend to first, and she chooses the site of a triple homicide at a building block called “Peach Trees”.

This is where it all starts, as our judges have no idea what they are really walking into…

Part 2 of this review will be up soon

Part 2 ——–>

I hope you have enjoyed it so far and thanks for reading



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