Street Fighter The Movie *An Appreciation*

I have a confession to make….. I love the street fighter movie…


I found it again on Netflix the other day and watched it the whole way through, glorying in its utter terribleness but somehow comforting? 90s nostalgia. The story is stupid, bordering on ridiculous, the actors while vaguely resembling the games characters are complete stereotypes and the dialogue is absolutely terrible….. But I still love it, not in spite of that, but because of it!

The story seems to act as vague justification for the characters to be around so they can either fight or reel off clichéd one liners and crappy action movie comedy moments, although to be fair I have laughed at a few of them. For instance when chun-li and her pals set off a pre-recorded message on a tv set to coincide a bomb going off (Aimed at killing M.Bison, who ill get to in a bit). Just before the explosion happens, Zangief (Russian wrestler type who is huuggeee) exclaims “Quick, change the channel!” that cracks me up every time!


(This picture is hilarious to me, see how they try and play it so serious! :D)

What happens in the story in a nutshell is that there’s a place called shadaloo, gets invaded by the AN (Allied Nations) then a super villain called M.Bison captures a load of civilians and ransoms them to the sum of something like 50 billion dollars, so the AN led by Guile (Played be Jean-Claude Van Damme) have to find where he is and rescue the hostages before the arbitrary time limit runs out, and that’s pretty much IT. What makes the film for me is the interaction between the characters, it’s so much fun listening to their awful clichéd banter and ham-fisted attempt at humour, even if the jokes fail on arrival you’ll at least laugh at the actors instead.

For me though the absolute bona fide star of this film is M.Bison played by Raul Julia (R.I.P) who absolutely steals the show as the megalomaniac Bison who wants to create his own city called “Bisonopolis” ( you read that right, isn’t that name so terrible its awesome?) and eventually take over the world, Julia brings so much charisma and energy to the role its impossible not to like him, and in some cases root for him against the supposed heroes of the movie. Personal highlight for me was this line he delivered to Chun-Li who is shackled at this moment in time in reply to her telling Bison that he killed her father:

Bison:   For you, the day Bison graced your village was the most important day of your life. But for me, it was Tuesday.

Love it!

Never fails to get a chuckle out of me 🙂

He really does hold the movie together, in the midst of all the cliché horribleness the other characters spew, he is the only one who seems to be having fun with it rather than just phoning it in.

So if you have Netflix or some other thing you use. check this out again, just to appreciate it for its utter terribleness and laugh for the short time its on as (thankfully!) they don’t make films like this as terrible/good as they used too! And if that’s not enough then treat yourself to a masterful performance by Raul Julia (he kicks ass in this film he really does!). Also if you want to see how they portray the characters signature fighting moves, thats a good a reason as any! As they look utterly terrible but its good for a laugh 😉

Thanks for reading



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