Xbox One Reveal, Slightly Underwhelming?

So a sufficient time has passed to be able to pass some sort of opinion on the Xbox One without getting caught up in the hyperbole and the subsequent internet rage following the announcements. Which is so easy to get caught up in, ive been apart of that many a time in my life! But is all the gamer rage warranted this time around? Well, this time I might be inclined to agree with the internet mob.


Although granted I thought the PS4 announcement reaction was pretty mute compared with this one, which can be explained by that they didn’t reveal anything at all, or at the very least nothing particularly concrete, which was actually a genius move by Sony because, you keep the press and the consumers guessing, it’s going to build up that much more interest in the console. Especially now the Xbox One reveal has happened and many aspects to the whole package seem sub-par at best, Microsoft has seemingly played into Sony’s hands. Extra pre-owned fees to activate 2nd hand games you might have bought in the store to be a feature of the Xbox One? Well come to us in the Playstation 4 camp because we don’t have that and so forth.

So, how has Microsoft managed to mis-step so hard? Well….

The apparent introduction of having to connect from time to time to a server to even play single player games, even stepping back from always having it online, this is just as idiotic, what if the servers go down? Or your internet runs into problems which prevents you from connecting? Your left with an expensive brick that’s what. You’ll also be hard pressed to find any core gamer who believes that this is a good idea, your punishing your users who have already paid upwards of £45 possibly more and now your going to be adding extra restrictions on them playing the games they’ve already paid for.

I’d like to know whoever thought this was ever a good idea?

There is also the worry that the console is being diluted so much, that its “Game” functionality is being practically side-lined in favour of other types of media such as tv or films etc. It’s no longer a games console, rather a multimedia box, so there is this under lying fear that the gamers are no longer being catered for.

Another one is that they seem to be pushing the kinect even more with their upgraded hardware, which will be able to detect things such as your heart rate etc. While admittedly I think that’s a pretty cool gimmick, that’s all it is, a gimmick. In no way can that seriously change or impact how we play games. Remember how kinect was meant to change everything “You are the controller” remember that tag line? That turned out to be a steaming pile of shit as the damn thing was nigh on useless for anything more complex than having to jump or duck in time with certain obstacles in a game ala kinect adventures. I fail to see how anything will change radically with the kinect 2.0 but going on previous experience on how the previous one handled, im hoping they don’t try to force developers to crowbar in kinect functionality because it doesn’t work half as well as a controller!


The whole thing now though has gotten even murkier because there seems to be endless confusion, specifically about Microsoft’s pre-owned policy for the Xbox one. No one seems to have any concrete info, and even after several statements from them, confusion still seems to reign.

But perhaps everything will be sorted out come E3. And all these fears will seem hilariously unfounded, either way I personally think Sony have an excellent opportunity to hammer home how the PS4 should be the choice of console for Gamers like you and me.

Thanks for reading



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3 Responses to Xbox One Reveal, Slightly Underwhelming?

  1. djrutland says:

    Its ok lol, loved it

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