I Can Never Pick The Evil Option In Games…

Because of games like the mass effect series that have brought to the fore front, moral choice systems (In that case you could choose to be a paragon or a renegade judging by the choices you make). Paragon being a saint where you make choices like fore-going payment for a quest or intervening someone getting attacked etc or you could decide to be a renegade where you make no-nonsense asshole choices such as punching out a reporter (admittedly that one was satisfying) or cussing out an over zealous fan of yours.

90% of the time ill always go paragon, I can usually never bring myself to go full renegade, despite telling myself im going to do a renegade run, I can never do it. So I thought it would be cool to look back at some of the tougher moral choices ive come across…. And the not so tough!

  • Mass Effect: The Conrad Verner Saga


Anyone whose played the series will remember this one. Conrad Verner is a chap who is slightly enamoured with Commander Sheppard and will bug you at various points in the series, although the fun parts are in mass effect 1 and 2 because there, you have the option to humour him or to deck him to leave you alone. I humoured him on my first run through, but it is very easy to get annoyed by him and to suddenly turn nasty on him, i could never bring myself to be downright nasty, perhaps the guy is just too damn pathetic to treat seriously. Either way, this does test you compassion somewhat on how you treat him because he’s obviously got a screw loose, it’s very well done and follows you throughout all 3 games, so be careful what you choose!

  • Mass Effect 3: The Geth Or The Quarians?


This one was possibly one of the toughest choices ive had to make in any game ive ever played, and i genuinely felt torn down the middle whether id made the right one or not. It is of course when you decide whether to save the Quarian Homefleet or to save the Geth (I think there is a way to save both but I never got that), I did try to negotiate and to get them both to co-operate but both seemed to be hell-bent on destroying each other, and we had an infinite amount of reapers to defeat so I had to pick someone. So I eventually chose to side with the Geth, and lo and behold the Quarian fleet ships started to drop out of the sky in flaming wreckages. To say my mouth had hit the floor was an understatement, and then the cherry on top, the Quarian who was with us at the time ends up committing suicide once she sees the horrific scene….. Safe to say a game had never made me felt so bad, that real emotion ever. (At least until Spec Ops the line came by a few years later)

Speaking of Spec Ops……

  • Spec Ops The Line: The White Phosphorous Mortaring

Now this isn’t a moral choice as such, but you are definitely in control when “It” happens. I’ll try to keep spoilers to a minimum if you have never played it. While in the process of attacking a Supposed enemy position, you come across a mortar equipped with white phosphorous shells (Like napalm) and you are the one who has to control it and to fire it. Once that is done you are forced to walk through the wreckage that you have wrought and… Lets just say it gets mightily uncomfortable and upsetting, you feel right with the character that you are controlling, its such an eery section of the game, but the emotion it ellicits, are absolutely genuine, and so brilliantly executed. Rather than say being Mr brick shit house 3000 obliterating everything and not giving a shit. This actually implements that human aspect along with it.

  • Dishonored: Stealth Run Or Kill Everything That Moves Run?

This one is still a moral choice, because hey your choosing whether to kill your targets or not. And this choice does have an impact on your surrounding because the city you’re in is in the grips of a plague epidemic, everybody you kill adds to that (Dead festering bodies tend to do that!). If you leave guards to it then that impacts on your surroundings too so, it adds another layer of, do i make the game easier for myself in the short run or do I take the time to stealth it and leave the streets less cluttered with plague zombies? Granted that choice might just come down to which achievements you want, but hey I still think they implemented a good simple moral choice system.

  • Lollipop Chainsaw: To Look Up Her Skirt Or Not……..


(I feel dirty just putting this tame box art up…)

There is an achievement in it for you, but you don’t have to do it… If you can manage to maneuver the camera to look up your characters skirt then you get an achievement. At the same time feeling really dirty, do you dare?

If you guys and girls have any particular favourites, let me know! I’d love to hear about them 🙂

Thanks for reading



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