kerbal Space Program: Why I Shouldnt Be Allowed To Be In Charge Of A Space Program

Hey guys and girls hows it going?

This is something as more of a confession, I don’t know if you had ever noticed in relation to my Kerbal Posts that I suck at the game… Yes I know, as hard as that may be to believe, I am more suited to blowing rockets up than flying them. Nowhere was this better illustrated than yesterday as I had a good few hour session on it, determined to make progress and make it to the mun and beyond, and possibly return back to Kerbin. My inner-child came to the for-front sabotaging my hope of inter-stellar travel.


The vague hope of getting to the stars ended rather abruptly as you can see. Structural failures aplenty so to remedy that, I ended up strutting the shit out of all the fuel tanks I could fit on the ship, although ejecting those tanks are now made a little more difficult as a result.

strutslost control

So after strutting the fuel tanks to buggery, I forgot about the control issues, i got excited because it was a succesful flight, right up until the craft starting spinning and heading for death and destruction, so my solution to this problem?


So I got rid of the solid fuel boosters and added more engines, and then more fuel tanks on top of that, hey the fatter the craft the less likely it’ll fly off wildly out of control…. Because it was so fucking massive it literally couldnt fly out of control. *Sigh* it made sense at midnight last night, but now in the cold light of day, not so much.

So, this is the culmination of that “Thinking”:


This was what I finally came up with, half asleep and slightly dazed, there’s about 30 solid boosters and 16 liquid fuel engines, and it took off ok but of course it was slow as shit because it was massive and also it lagged my laptop to buggery. So the next direction I think ill be taking is seeing how much power I can fit onto a smaller frame, which is sure to be a bit more spectacular and a great deal faster!

Thanks for reading, im still half asleep through insomnia but I hope you enjoyed the pretty pictures! 😉



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