Lost Odyssey My Gaming Journal/Diary #14 Sarah, Kaims…. Wife?


So we return to lost odyssey, back in to Tosca Village just after Jansen has gotten Ming drunk we come to Kaim whose woken up in the early morning in his inn room, naturally looting everything we can.

However tt just so turns out that it isn’t the morning, as we make our way down to the bottom floor and meet up with Seth and Jansen and a passed out Ming as the innkeeper regales us with a story about how Kaim saved the village and how he was a hero to everyone. (remember the Inn keeper was 7 the last time Kaim was at the village so a fair old-time has passed) Kaim however cuts him a little short when he mentions that we want to get to Gohtza, however this may not be as easy as we’d hoped because a magical barrier has been erected (heehee) in front of the only cave entrance/passage to Gohtza by an evil witch, who just so happens to have taken refuge in Kaims old house. So you know what we have to do boys and girls? That’s right! Kick her ass!

Of course before we set out on any journey we have to set our skill-links and inventory, always good to be prepared remember that. And as a reminder, the skill links are the only ways for the immortal characters of the party to learn any new skills as you link one of them to a skill one of the mortals has and over time you learn them so you can set them as one of your own skills so you can free up a skill link slot so you can learn something else! It’s pretty awesome, im a big fan of the skill and combat system its pleasurably old school.


So we find ourselves at a place called the Old Sorceresses mansion, which used to be Kaim and Sarah’s house I expect with Lirum too when she was a kid. But the place looks a lot different now, like its been taken over by some evil spirit with accompanying thunder bolts, grey, dark lighting etc, it’s essentially a haunted house right now.

We’re seeing things! Theres definitely something going on, more than meets the eye (no not transformers…..) ok, terrible joke, I apologise. But there is definitely something going on here, some sort of dark spirit at work, or far more likely the witch who has taken up residence here could possibly have some prior connection to this place or has some memory of it perhaps? Just who is she?

Ugh i can tell this area is going to annoy me because it’s that kind of dungeon that has multiple way’s you can go but with the added “fun” of the random ass battles which will make you pull your hair out. The enemies at least for their part are quite freaky, although when it comes to the squintillionth time I see them im sure ill be saying a lot more hateful things towards them…. Stupid forced exploration I hate you! So far every door ive checked has had enemies in it, but I cant avoid them, not really, because I need to check everything to see where to go! ARGGHHHH.

Well….. After temporarily losing my mind, we’ve found a mirror that seems to act as an inter-dimensional portal… Right…. So of course we walk through it as there’s no where else to go and im fucked if I search anywhere else in the sodding house right now. This other dimension however is a lot nicer than what we’ve just stepped through so im not complaining right now! It’s like no one has left and that Kaim had never left. I have to hand it to the sound guys, the music is creepy as hell, and just to add to the creep factor we start getting eery flashback of Kaim and Sarah back when they were living at the mansion.

Ok after that slight bout of creepiness and going insane with the random battles we have now made it to the old sorceress witch person who has invaded our home and must be taught a lesson!

This one is a bit of a weird one because the main boss who is the sorceress doesn’t actually attack you, she is surrounded by elemental “things” called body of thoughts and there are 4 of them, and what makes them tricky is that they change elements all the time so you need to be careful not to hit it with the same type of elemental spell otherwise you’ll give them health, for example if you want a fire body of thought with a fire spell you’ll heal it. Oh and they attack the sorceress so you have to be quick to before she dies.


….. Holy crap, so, y’know the old sorceress? It only turned out to be Sarah, wrapped up in her grief over “apparently” losing Lirum she had descended into misery and madness, and even though we’ve defeated her older, deformed self she is still in the clutches of grief. So its going to take a whole lot more than magic to free her from the cage shes essentially built for herself…. And this is when Cooke and Mack rush in to save the day and there grandma to sing a lullaby to her that Sarah and Kaim used to sing to Lirum, proving they are her grandkids and that she was not to blame for Lirum’s death because she did not die! And Yes i really do like this bit, it makes the last 20 minutes of random battles worth it, oh so worth it :).

And it works too, we have Kaims wife back and the kids grandmother back, in what is a touching emotional reunion, especially between Kaim and Sarah (Well they are husband and wife.) excuse me while I tear up a little bit…….


Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed it



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