Lost Odyssey My Gaming/Journal #13 Leaving Numara And Starting Our Quest To Stop Gongora


So, its been a while and I can only apologise for that, but hey better late than never so here goes with part 13 of Lost Odyssey, we last saw our heroes travelling to the Port Of Numara to escape once and for all……

So our heroes and Jansen make a break for the port with zero opposition, which is a bit odd considering we were just attacked by the head of the Numaran armed forces in a great big bloody tank, yet no one else has decided to have a pop at us (I guess because we dealt with a tank bare-handed they thought better of it? So we get inside  he port un-hindered, the guard just lets us in, although you could argue that since you have the queen in your party then of course they’ll let you in, anyway we make our way to the main boat house… Thing, on the way of course searching every nook and cranny for loot but this place barely has any so let’s go inside the boathouse thing.

Once we get inside we see that the interior is dotted with little…. green amphibian creature things that amazingly, are scientists and can speak english, will wonders ever cease eh? Anyway we make our way to the boat having an engine fitted which so happens to be from Seth’s old ship before she had her memory wiped. This thing is very powerful and is being fitted into he ship that was going to be General Kakanas’ personal flagship, notice i said was? Because we steal it. Simple as you like, walk on board, start the engine up and smash through the docks doors cool as you like and we’re now free to roam around he world map! Erm, with limitations of course, as the engine isn’t quite powerful enough to traverse the “Hyper Currents” but at least we get some semblance of freedom, now all we have to do is figure out what we have to do next.


Well that was easy, opened up the map and saw a glowing blip, so that’s where we’re going! Anyway so that blip turned out to be a landing spot for us on the coast of a place called Tosca. When we do land we see a nice little scene of Jansan being extremely happy to be on dry land and not being afraid of sinking on the ship. So Cooke then kicks him (good girl!) and says the ship will never sink, not with the captains engine on board! Yeah she’s already hero worshiping Seth, I have no problem with that, but that didn’t exactly take very long did it. After Jansen recovers from being kicked by a pre-teen kid, he goes on about since she’s so proud of being a pirate now he’s going to teach her a little bit about the pirate code (with fist raised in the air, you know what he’s thinking of doing). However he notices Ming watching him and then proceeds to bumble his way out of potential GBH to a little kid. smooth move, idiot.

As this little bit plays out, Cooke notices Seth staring at a placard on the ship, she’s absolutely motionless which of course raises a bit of alarm with the group. However this is because shes getting more of her memories back and she utters one single word “Sed”. After this we see her in tears as a dream is shared with us the player that was an important part of Seth’s life and since she had amnesia it hit her hard too. Once this touching little scene plays out we travel to a sleepy village called Tosca whose resident’s recognise Kaim instantly and remark that he’s not changed a bit. But of course the poor bastard has no memory of them, but you don’t doubt that the villagers know him because he’s thousands of years old, he’s been around the block you might say.


So our heroes decide to take a rest at the local inn as I don’t think they’ve had a single bit of rest since being imprisoned by Numara. Nightfall starts and we see Jansen and Ming having a drink together, Ming is discussing what they should do next in their plan and Jansen is just starting to drink himself into oblivion. This is the moment though where he introduces Ming to the wonders of booze…. Because she has never drunk a drop of that stuff in her thousands of years of life so you have to wonder if there’s an ulterior motive behind this? (I might be looking too much into this but seriously you can take any scene like this way out of context). He even insinuates that it’ll help get her memory back because it’ll relax her, smooth move creep. So after hearing that she doesn’t just taste it, she chugs the whole thing down, you know where this is going right? She puts the mug down and promptly passes out into a booze induced coma sleep (we’ve all been there eh?).

Oh and the plan before Ming got drunk was to go to a place called Gohtza and to plead with the king of Gohtza to lend them a ship powerful enough to travel the hyper currents, simple enough?…….


Thanks for reading





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