Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon: Back To The 80’s!


So ive been playing blood dragon quite a bit today and yesterday and found it to be quite awesome! Quite awesome indeed, for all those who don’t know, blood dragon is the spin-off from far cry 3. The way I’d choose to describe it is duke nukem done right, as anyone who has played duke nukem forever, you’ll know its a great steaming pile of dog shit, but not this game, this game is fun personified plus the over the top weapons and upgrades that increase the fun factor.

Like for example you get a pistol, smg/rifle, sniper and whatever you want for the fourth slot! To begin with the weapons are, sub-standard, there not the laser shooting star wars guns we’ve been hoping for, and that’s because it would probably break the game if we were a super ultimate badass from the get go.

Since this is a spin-off from far cry 3 it carries a very similar upgrade system that the previous game had, although this time you start off being able to stay under water indefinitely (because you are a cyber soldier with cyber lungs. And stuff like that, it at least changes the parameters of the game from whiny college kids to a badass action hero cyborg commando from the movies. Who happens to have one of the gruffest voice actors known to mankind, although the game acknowledges this and I expect willed the voice actor to go as gruff and as stereotyped as he could, although he does a great job at it.

The game also makes fun of the now standard gaming traditions such as the finding every type of collectible. As our guy says “So we have to find shit to unlock shit so we can use shit”. Especially when its said like that it seems so stupid but it’s now so ingrained in the gaming community as anything else seems absurd.


The weapons as I have mentioned are really fun to use, although more fun to use when you get a chance to upgrade them, and you upgrade them through completing side missions, which in turn unlock large mags, laser rounds, silencers etc, if you can imagine it they have it!

The story is told in pseudo 16-bit cut scenes which are in tune with the 80s feel of the game, it plays as a complete homage to the 80s and the early gaming scene. It’s over the top and stereotypical but that plays to its strength as it doesn’t try to be anything other than a slice of 80s action cheese, and we can only thank ubisoft for this blast from the past and reminding us of past fun, at least those of us who grew up in the early days of the gaming industry 🙂

To distill this down to a summary, this game is essentially a cut down version of far cry 3 because the island is just about less than half the size of the full far cry 3 map, it also has the same elements as far cry because you clear out garrisons again, and complete fetch quests that unlock extra attachments for your guns, so it is essentially a cut down version of far cry 3 but it definitely has its own identity that you will enjoy and have fun exploring for however long the game lasts you (for me it’s about 6-8 hours).

The game is 1200 Microsoft points, and however that converts to for the PSN and steam, that equates to roughly £1o which I think is a reasonable price for a game like this, it isn’t full flavoured so to speak like far cry 3 but it does give you a good bang for your buck so to speak. So I urge you to give this game a go because its good fun and dare I say it, this is duke nukem forever done right, and without the misogyny and crassness that the duke contained within the shit they called a game.


Hope you enjoyed reading this and thank you for visiting




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