Kerbal Space Program: The Monster And Whippet Rocket Program

Hey Guys/Girls,

Since the death of the DeathTrap Program I’ve had a little break here and there from Kerbal Space program as it needed a bit of a re-think, and ive finally had that re-think and decided to go in a new direction. We’re talking about the use of multiple engines, extra fuel capacity and the viability of multiple solid fuel boosters to see if they can help with my goal of reaching the Mun. Granted they should help but, that’s only if I use them properly, and while there was some experimenting and utter failures (vaporizing components, engine explosions, structural failures etc)….

kerbal monster1kerbs monster

As you can see, we have certainly used some good old kerbal ingenuity, and unlimited funds and pilots who seemingly dont fear almost certain death.

We will be moving onto space planes soon aswell, as the mun is getting more and more within our reach, it’s certainly an exciting time to be the leader of the kerbal space program! Although I have to admit one thing to you my valued readers, I instigated an absolutely hideous crash/explosion that it was hilarious yet terrible at the same time. Now you have to understand that the rocket i had created was to put it blunty, fucking huge, and incredibly fat, meaning it would need a hell of a lot of thrust to even get the damn thing moving, a problem this creates is that as you gain the huge thrust you need, you also can succumb to structural failures and you end up losing control of the whole craft, not to mention the spare fuel tanks and boosters which havent been ignited yet, turning the whole upper module into a massive bomb.


(One of the more successful flights, so close to the mun we could almost touch it)

So if you half-throttle at the take-off, that would save you a whole heap of trouble, and the gradually throttle down as you went higher into the atmosphere as hey you do have 4 massive engines going at once, so it makes sense eh. During one flight however, for some reason I decided to throttle up far too early and too hard. Yes, it went tits up and haardddd, first off the linkage break and the still functioning engines and boosters were pushing my command module off course, which I could do nothing about because i was no longer in control of the particular part of the rocket, so I tried to separate the next stage so i could use my other engine for the command module to hopefully correct it and save me from a fiery death.

the warp

(This is the whippet rocket, or at least the very first iteration, managing to get it up to this speed while still in the atmosphere, everyone loves speed!)

Which didn’t work….. In fact it did fire but at the same time the boosters activated and also detached! So what happened next? The boosters flying about crashed into me which in turn set off the main fuel tank that was already out of my control, literally vaporizing everything! Fucking, everything!

Again it was horrific but also hilarious at the same time.

But, touch wood that doesn’t happen again and that we can take our first step to dominating the kerbal solar system!

Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed it.



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