Classic Movie Time: Starship Troopers 1 Part 2

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Right first things first, I need to remember where i left off in part 1, give me a sec….


Ok, so Buenos Aries has just been wiped off he face of the earth by what is known as a “bug meteor” basically your average meteor but fucking huge (ok not so average), and somehow launched by a race of arachnids. As I thought bugs werent technologically advanced because, well here bugs. But his attack on earth will not stand! Rico reverses his choice to leave the mobile infantry and pretty much swears complete and absolute revenge on the bugs ( he doesn’t actually say that but he doesn’t need to… Because hes Rico dammit!).

So as the war rhetoric ramps up and an invasion of the bug home world Klendathu is planned (you’ll come to know that when the military says its planning something, it usually means picking a strategy out of a fucking hat, there that stupid.) Not a lot really happens in the build up worth mentioning because it’s usually more woop woop we’re going to annihilate those bug scum etc. The attitude of the criminally under-prepared and oblivious, so you kind of get the feeling they’re coming into this only to get slaughtered en-masse.

So when we get round to the invasion, it actually does a great job of ratcheting up the tension and that authentic feeling of shitting yourself before going into combat that will quite likely take your life away. It does this as well by having one of my favourite pieces of music anywhere in any film ever! It fits the scene perfectly, tenses you up but also pumps you up at the same time, you don’t know whether to start yelling out encouragement or again shit yourself in fear. The song I am referring to is “Klendathu Drop” By Basil Poledouris, YouTube it, you will not be disappointed.


The people who will be disappointed however, are the mobile infantry that embark on the planet Klendathu (see what I did there?), the poor bastards have all the tactical planning of a 5-year-old mute, its literally just run head long into the bug hordes and somehow come out victorious? Which again is strange because how do you have this feeling of superiority over the bug because it takes a shed load of bullets just to take them down for good! They did reference this in one of the small info vignette things where it acknowledges if you shoot off one of their limbs the arachnids can still ruin your day, but rather than that, aim for the nerve stem which puts them out for good, something you’d have thought the infantry would take note of…. But they don’t…. Ever.

So naturally they get butchered by the galactic truck load and have to retreat under the seemingly infinite bug horde, which is probably the smartest thing they’ve done so far all movie. Its back on the space station where there forces used to be amassed, where Carmen (Denise Richards) hurries to check whether Rico made it back from Klendathu, because yeah fuck everyone else whose limbless and in horrible horrible pain, bitch. The readouts of the casualties are numerous of course so she searches for his name like it’s google search, and it has listed Rico as dead, oh no! You dumped him and now he’s dead and its all your fault!…..

Ok ok he’s not really dead, he got a nice big hole punched straight through his leg by one of the millions of arachnids and was fighting what was essentially a last stand, because he was all by himself as everyone was beating a sprinting retreat leaving him behind. We aren’t sure how he survives, but im personally not too bothered as he’s one of the few characters i genuinely like in the film (the others aren’t bad to be honest but there more of a “meh” presence.) so yay he’s alive. Now how do they go about healing him? They dunk him in a pool of green “water” while robot arms stitch him up, come on guys put a bit more imagination into it?…. Please?


So, in the aftermath of that abject failure of an invasion, which was akin more to someone throwing a sock at their enemy than a well-trained military force. The sky Marshall in charge resigns (I’m actually surprised they don’t execute the idiot, as in this universe they don’t seem to look to harshly on capital punishments.) Anyway with a new sky Marshall comes a new plan, as she says “To Fight The Bug, We Must Understand The Bug” so we might see something more cerebral a bit more thought put into the military strategy this time? Nope! they just decide to carpet bomb and wipe out the arachnids planet by planet, which I have to admit is a bit better than gunning straight for the home world. Theres one thing we have to sort out though before we move on, and that’s what unit Rico, Diz and Ace get put into as it seems all their previous unit is dead (just… Wow).

The new unit they get put into happens to be called the Roughnecks…. Radcheks Roughnecks… See where this is going? Of course you do! The leader of this unit is Ricos old teacher Mr Radchek good old Michael Ironside/Sam Fisher! He does pull off that grizzled bad ass attitude so well greeting the new recruits with: “I only have one rule, Everybody fights, No one quits, If you quit ill shoot you myself” AWESOME!

Anyway the roughnecks are set to travel to a plant called… “P” yep you heard me “P”, again imagination guys ugh. Oh but we wont go there until the fleet has bombed it into oblivion, very nice and considerate of them to do that actually thank you!

So once that’s done and dusted we disembark for “P”…..

Find out what happens in Pt 3

Next—> Part 3:

Hope you enjoyed it and thanks for reading



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