Torchlight 2: So Much Better Than Diablo 3!

torchlight 2

I’ve been doing a lot of torchlight 2 today and im glad i did, it possesses that charm and outright “fun” that sometimes is lacking from mainstream console games. It is essentially a Diablo clone if you want to go down that road, otherwise its an immense dungeon crawler which you can actually play offline without having the always online DRM that Diablo 3 has, hurrah!

I’ll say this now, I prefer torchlight 2 to Diablo 3 in so many ways, its more fun, graphically its a lot more imaginative rather than the dull and grimey dungeons of Diablo, having a pet side kick with you at the very least allows you to sort out the clutter of your inventory without having to move an inch (although you have to wait 2 minutes for the pet to sell your stuff for you, although maybe it’s a regular occurrence to shop keepers that animals sell stuff to them?) and also its an extra pair of claws, talons, depending on what you chose to be your pet, it acts as your help in battles too, although not entirely effective, im not one to turn down help!


Another way in my opinion that this game is superior to Diablo 3 is the allocation of spells, and by that i mean you got a larger choice to use, you’re not just limited to using only a few spells at once without having to switch them around. You can have up to 10 spells/items in the quickbar, which take some getting used to but it allows you to be more varied in your attacks and I like that. It has an upgrade system too, allowing you to upgrade your stats but also upgrade your spells and there is a lot of room to upgrade so if you like becoming an all-powerful über wizard you’ll love this particular aspect :). Torchlight 2 also has a reputation system, which thankfully isn’t that hard to level up, where as in some games you’d have to deal with stupid repetitive quests and contracts etc that only slightly increase your rep. Here you increase it by killing champion monsters etc and quests, thankfully the champions aren’t that hard to kill but they do provide increased loot and more exp so it has that incentive to want to seek them out (all though they do tend to find you instead!).


(Waiting for my pet panther “Pancake” to return with health and mana potions!)

There is also Co-op too which I havent managed to play yet as criminally I don’t know anyone who has the game, or just don’t seem to play it. Which is the thing you find a lot with steam games, people will buy a shit load of games because there so cheap and you’ll find great deals, but once you buy it, it doesn’t get touched for ages. Of course that’s a generalisation, but I think it holds true for the most part.

Also not to forget that the maps are also big and numerous, so there’s a lot of places to explore if your that way inclined like I am to look for loot and also for lvling up as once you find the spells that your comfortable with, you’ll rarely change them and as they level up they get even deadlier (if you get comfortable with a spell however you’ll still have many more slots to fit in new ones so you will get a chance to taste a lot of what the combat system offers you.)

And what is the price i hear you ask for this slice of gaming excellence? It’s roughly £15 for us UK types and $20 for our American cousins (and whatever the exchange rate is for our other friends 🙂 ) so for a game that could easily charge more if it wanted to, its a steal and its worth the money many times over. The example i’ll compare it to again is Diablo 3, because for less money you get more functionality out of it (the offline play, not needing always online DRM and Modding support which I havent talked about because I havent tried it yet.)


This game is awesome and is well worth your hard-earned cash, i promise you that a thousand million times over 🙂
Thanks for reading



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