Slightly Drunk Romance In Gaming Take 5: Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater


Yep you heard me, metal gear solid 3! This was probably one of my earlier memories of a game trying to put more of an emphasis on relationships and how they come to affect the main character as a whole. This, the third edition of the modern metal gear series (im not going to get into the metal gears in the old days!).

This is the story of how the Boss came to be, or at least the boss as we know of him today, as back in the 60s of the cold war the big boss was actually female, i can hear you *gasping* (or not if you’ve played the game) yes the big boss was a female soldier who taught the boss we know today, who had the code name “Naked Snake” who is also voiced by David Hayter (A god amongst gamers). The game however starts off after a brief operation (Tutorial) with the big boss seemingly betraying america and naked snake, this hits him hard, as she a lot of the time seems more than a mentor to snake. I’m not saying they were lovers but they were very close and you can see how that affects snake in what he does when he heals up and starts off on the main mission.

This game more than any reminds me of a james bond film, and perhaps that’s what Hideo Kojima was going for? If he was, he certainly nails it. What with the utterly insane opening music and cut scene which screams James Bond to you, and the slightly outlandish plot where terrorists are using nukes firing from a metal gear to hold the world hostage (im ad libbing a little bit). However during our journey we bump into a rather hot blonde called EVA who seemingly loves having her top zipped down so we get a great eye-full of her titties, hey im not complaining, for PS2 era graphics albeit tarted up in HD for the HD collection, it’s a hell of a view.

Pushing the misogyny out-of-the-way….. You can see straight away the EVA and snake have chemistry, maybe its the full view of the boobies I don’t know but you can sense theres sexual tension. Shes supposedly the double agent with the russians (as this is during the era of the cold war) who is there to aid you in your mission, and she does that admirably of course. But does she really have to wear or zip up top so damn low?

As you can tell im a bit distracted! Anyway moving on, Eva helps us out on numerous occasions, and if we really can be bothered we can hear some of her story during codec bits, but i never really did that as…. Well the codec gets kind of boring eh? I have to admit now that this is one of the games where relationship building was definitely in its infancy, as far as i can tell you only have a few occasions of speaking time with Eva and there not wholly substantial either. Maybe im underestimating the animal magnetism that snake possesses? Although im getting ahead of myself! The culmination of the game is with the big boss, which just so happens to be a “boss” fight if you will.

This shows off snakes inner conflict because he essentially is coming into a battle to the death with his mentor, which he is totally un-prepared for. This fight is actually pretty easy from a player’s point of view, but it’s also tough for snake as he has now assumed the role of the big boss, even though the big boss is not the traitor we thought she was.

As we complete the game though we find that Eva is a double agent for the chinese?! What the fuck? And she was intending to kill snake but after boning him she can’t bring herself to do it and flees while he is still sleeping *natch*.

The game does a good job of at least trying to make relationships matter, even if it’s through james bond lenses. During this period of gaming history this was nearly different in its outlook. As looking back I cant help get the feeling that i grew up with gaming in its caveman phase, and only now is maturing into something more respectable.

I hold this though as the example in my experience as the first good shot at making relationships in a game matter to the player.

The Eva double-crossing you of course is a bitter pill to swallow but, she did spare you so you still have feelings for her, plus if you have played metal gear solid 4 you know she pops up again, that’s all ill say…..

I hope you enjoyed this slightly drunk, fairly random analysis 🙂



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