Kerbal Space Program: The Death Of The DeathTrap Project

Right, im scrapping the DeathTrap series of rockets and will be taking the program in a different direction. I have taken this difficult decision after many kerbal deaths and a squintillion amount of Kerbal Dollars wasted on blown up components, Terrible design choices and copious experiments gone wrong.


Believe it or not this was one of the more successful iterations of the DeathTrap, it made it into space and the module even had a small fuel tank and thruster to try to put it into orbit, which failed miserably. To be honest because im sure ill have to present evidence to the Kerbal Government on the numerous deaths, I had messed up with the placements of the parachutes and the basic decoupling. So when I separate the main fuel tank and engine, that separated ok but when I went to activate the smaller engine attached to the command module, I ended up deploying the parachute at the same time….


So, yeah that failed too. Unsurprisingly of course, although I thought I had a shot, the landing struts were down, the parachute was slowing everything down nicely, and then I ended up absolutely slamming into the ground and as you can see, left with only a few pieces on the ground. The Kerbals survived a fuel tank and engine exploding underneath them which was the only silver lining, but then you look at their stupid goonish faces and just think, whats the point?

So I think the DeathTrap Program will need a radical re-think….. Or a fucking tutorial, but we will be back and no longer will the sight of floating rocket debris in orbit be synonymous with DeathTrap!…..


Thanks for reading 😉



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