Hectic, Horrifying… Humongous? Halo 4 (Ran Out Of H Words)

The guys

Ok it wasnt quite horrifying, as I ran out of H words but it was still great fun. humongous

So, after I finished my post on the romance involved in Halo 4, I had ended up inadvertently inspiring myself to re-buy the game, as I didnt own it at that point as I had got rid of it a long time ago (why? I can’t remember, probably to do with exchanging it for something else.) so I caved in yesterday and bought it again and im glad I did. I still find slayer to be quite annoying so I try to play all the other play lists like dominion or griffball etc, which as always are great fun and jazz up the formula brilliantly.

What really sells it for me though is playing it with friends, although you could say this for a lot of multiplayer heavy games but I like to think this one is special in my opinion. I found out today just how fun it is when my friends Luke And Jase all together and we ended up playing a combination of Dominion, Spartan Ops and Slayer (Ugh). Of course you have more fun when you win (be honest its true!), and that got proven true even more so this morning when we went on a 10+ winning streak on Dominion (we only changed the playlist when we lost). The first thing I noticed coming back into Halo 4’s multiplayer (as it has been a while) was that I got very excited during it with raised voicing and shouting somewhat, not aggressively but just in general. I never got like that with Call Of Duty, now that probably comes down to A) having more fun and B) It’s harder to get kills in Halo than it is in CoD.


Although there was one thing I noticed, if you’re hoping to play a whole range of maps just give up now, as people generally vote 1 map and do that over and over again, unless your very lucky be prepared to play the same map 95% of the time, or if you have a big party then you can pretty much influence the vote yourselves. Again though winning helps so playing the same map over and over wasnt too bad, because we were winning!

So after we finally lost after a long win streak we dabbled in slayer, which was ok, but we quickly figured out we weren’t very good sticking together in this game type. We frequently found ourselves split up essentially fighting like this was a free-for-all game, so we came up against guys who were level SR-130 (just know that’s fucking high!) who knew what they were doing and hunted in packs, so if you do the math, we got totally hammered until we started to get our act together but by then we gave up and decided to move onto spartan ops.

Spartan Ops is a funny one because it has these really well done episodic shorts that are done in the style of the games cut scenes (which look incredible) and the story is great, however that comes with a big but, the missions in these extra story missions are incredibly short and consist of going to point A to point B killing everything until we’re told to move on. If you’re looking for campaign quality missions, you’ll be found wanting, but where this mode begins to excel is again playing with your friends. It turns the missions from tedious 40 minute kill fests (where you will die as there are so many enemies its unreal, you get infinite respawns to help with that.) into 10-15 minute quick thrill rides where it never drags on, where it definitely does when you play it by yourself.

Theres one thing however that I hate with a passion on Spartan Ops mode, regardless of whether its playing it single player or with friends. And that is Commander Palmer who talks to you through the missions, I hate her. The way she disregards the scientists by dismissing them as eggheads or geeks (she says this… All… The… Time). Bitch if it wasnt for them there wouldn’t be any Spartans so show them some respect you stereotypical bint. I’m sorry but that really really gets on my tits, it smacks of terrible writing and the ability of the voice actress playing her to come across as a complete cunt (which she does, very well.)


Other than that however, im very glad I decided to take the plunge back into Halo 4 and if you havent experienced it yet or if you did what I did and sold it a while back. I think its worth a look again and the effort to recapture that fun that you may have lost from it all that time ago.

Thanks for reading



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  1. Luke says:

    Dave is a sexy bastard,

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