Lost Odyssey My Gaming Journal/Diary Part 11: Gongora Begins To Make His Move.


We begin disc 2 noticing that Mack has gained some new powers, namely spirit magic which the miasma that possessed him presumably passed on to him as it died. Spirit magic seems to be mainly about buffs which could come in handy, as I hardly used Mack in my previous play-throughs so now might be a good time to try him out, see if I can make my life that little bit easier. If there’s one thing i can say for Mack though at least he seems repentant for pulling the dumb move of going into the crimson forest alone, so Mack I forgive you, just don’t do it again!

So, nowhere to go other than back to Numara, not sure why, but it’s the only place we can go. So off we toddle and we get to hear the awesome travelling music again. (which presumably is to cover the loading times) Which is a cross of pan pipe music then fades into electric guitar, ok it sounds weird when I put it like that, but look it up on YouTube its really awesome.

(I’ve been meaning to add this in sometime, and now just got round to it. Youtuber this was used from was “Romalian” Good job!)

So we make it back to Numara and make our way to the town square where there is a commotion, i wonder what it could be? Turns out it’s a world-wide broadcast from Uhra that is drawing the crowd, as Seth says what could be so important that they have to broadcast it to the rest of the world? Well it turns out that they actually went through with making Tolten the new king and reinstating the monarchy, completely abolishing the republic in the process. Which everyone seems to be fine with, apparently, as you get no crowd reaction from the broadcast, and the council are with him at the time so I assume there on board, or just following orders where they got told to comply.

Anyway during Toltens I guess what you’d call his Accession Speech (or something like that) he makes Gongora is royal advisor, which we know by now is an incredibly bad move but Toltens bought the bullshit that Gongoras selling hook line and sinker. As for the reason why the monarchy is being re-instated (we know why, but they need a reason to give to the public), is to do with some footage that shows the White Boa in Numara being refitted for war, and of course it is shown from our groups perspective (I suspect that Jansen is bugged somehow because you clearly hear his voice blurt out about Numara planning to invade Uhra). However this time i wont slap him for that because Numara WAS going to invade Uhra, so he’s saved himself some abuse there from me.


(Yup let’s get out of here!)

However when it becomes apparent to the people standing next to us in the town square that we may have been responsible (albeit unwittingly) for the footage being shown by Uhra, that is our cue to turn the other direction and walk away out of that place because we’re about to get lynched (mob mentality etc). So we make our way out of there to moderate safety…

Stay tuned for Part 12!

Thanks for reading



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