Lost Odyssey My Gaming Journal/Diary Pt 10 The Crimson Forest And The End Of Disc 1!


We come back to Kaim as he is having yet more bad dreams, which are actually more of his memories manifesting. Featuring prominently is Gongora of course as it becomes apparent his role in Lirums death and the shutting off of Kaims memories, and I assume Seths aswell. Understandably Kaim is fairly upset, well wouldn’t you be? Gongora wipes his memory, robs him of his daughter and made him forget his own wife who also seemingly is immortal (she was the woman who was in his dream, standing next to him) and is Lirums mother. He swears there and then to deal with Gongora by giving him so much pain he’ll wish he was dead, as he had a deep involvement in Lirums disappearance and eventual death this shit has just got personal! So he vows revenge on Gongora, however there’s one little thing that he’ll have to do before even thinking about that….

as we find out from Cooke that Mack has run off to the crimson forest to show there mum her favourite flowers. So how does he intend to do this when we’ve just had her funeral? Well its said that the crimson forest is the place where people go to, to commune with soul of the dead, so you can see what Mack is thinking when he runs there all by himself… Theres a problem however, the crimson forest has been made off-limits by Queen Ming so straight away you know its going to be dangerous, and yet Mack went there all. By, Himself. *Sigh* so of course we’re going to have to go rescue the silly bastard and so we’re off again on our travels to the crimson forest and when we get there, sure enough, it’s very crimson/red, the reason for this is that according to legend the forest colour has been tainted by the blood of the long dead soldiers buried underneath.


So off we go to find the little bastard, encountering many many random battles on our way, but this is essential as we get closer to where Mack is the enemies start hitting harder and harder so you have to be on your guard. Once we fight our way to the centre of the forest and into some old eastern tribe ruins, we find Mack who has been possessed by some spirit magic spirit, we have to save him! But not before Cooke like a fucking idiot runs forward while saying i have to save him! All she does though is scream Mack! And then she gets picked up by the Mack monster too and gets herself into trouble…. So you thought by running up to Mack and screaming his name would make the creature release its grip on him? Fantastic idea you twat.

So after a somewhat tricky fight, physical attacks didn’t work so great on it but there useful for chipping away and then you unleash the power of Jansen! (His black magic to be specific, flare works pretty well.) Its straight forward once you get the strategy down. Mack is released by the spirit, so Cooke runs up to him to see if he’s alright. When shes sees that he is in fact A-OK she slaps him, yeah you go girl! Mack then reiterates why he came here, so he could show the flowers to his mum as he thought he could talk to her in a place like this.

And the reason why he went alone? Because he didn’t want to wake up Cooke because she’s always cranky when she wakes up…. Oh geez lets move on.

So the kids end up asking Kaim if he knows what happens to a soul when a person dies, of course he doesn’t really know, but as he speaks, the flower that Mack took with him to the forest starts blooming and covers the entire room in flowers and such, accompanied by a warm, tender breeze (according to Seth) swirling around the room. It turns out this could very well be Lirum watching over them and the flowers and breeze are a sign to Cooke and Mack to not be afraid and that she’s always with them, all together now awwwww 😉


(Cooke on the left-Mack on the right)

And so with that, we have reached the end of Disc 1 which i hope you have enjoyed er reading. You get the feeling while going through it that this portion of the game/story is laying the foundations for our proper quest to begin. So the next disc is where it really starts, I hope you’ll join me for the next part and the start of Disc 2.

Will we find Sarah Kaims wife? What is Gongora really planning? That and many more questions that are yet to be asked will be answered!….

Thanks for reading

Pt 9-http://wp.me/p2UB1b-zu



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