Kerbal Space Program: The DeathTrap Rocket Takes Off!… Kind of


Kerbal Space Program! Well I certainly have made some progress in my own personal space program but… Not without some teething problems such as non function rockets or putting fuel lines between fuel tanks which have decouplers between them, which you know just screams disaster, which it did, a lot, it was a spectacular crash and no mistake. However by the end of my session i did manage to construct a rocket that detached from the module, fly around in space a little bit and then land safely back on earth, granted im missing a proper engine for the module but it’s definitely progress!

So I continued the DeathTrap series of rockets and I experimented with the designs, happily some actually made some sense and I made progress, and some well…. I didn’t such as:


The DeathTrap 3. Trying out a new design for the rocket and see if it is any more effective than the previous designs, and well it was certainly different that’s for sure. I tried to integrate the parachute for the command module plus landing struts to try to make it easier to land for when we try to make the trip to the mun (moon in Kerbal speak) and this time well it didn’t quite work as intended….


As you can kind of gather, I throttled to the max, and as I de-coupled from the towers and immediately the parachutes deployed and fucked my rocket up 6 ways from sunday. Yes it did crash after spinning about a million miles an hour and not gaining any altitude whatsoever, we crashed into the cold hard surface and killed the pilots…. They will be remembered… Amongst the hundreds of pilots ive probably already killed up to this point, but i justify it by saying, we need to experiment! And after this test we actually had some success so the little kerbal deaths were not in vain.


Ok I lied, the DeathTrap 4 didn’t go as well as id hoped as you can see from the screenshots. As the rocket for lack of a better term, imploded on itself, fuel tanks exploding, oddly enough the command module stayed in tact but each fuel tank exploded then the engine blew up leaving the module resting on the ground, making me feel like an idiot…. Although ill admit it was funny at the time watching it.


The finished article, the fuel tanks and engines had exploded, leaving this. Not the greatest success I think you’ll agree, however with the next iteration of the DeathTrap Rocket program came the DeathTrap 5 and that was a great success!


The DeathTrap 5, it actually made it into space, separated properly, and landed back on solid ground without killing the little kerbals inside (I forgot to take screenshots of that happening so you’ll have to trust me that it happened) but you can’t imagine the feeling of accomplishment I had after making it into orbit and having a little fly around then coming around and successfully making it into re-entry and landing without any fatalities. I think we can score this +1 for progress!

Heres hoping for more positive steps on our way to deep space with the DeathTrap rocket program. 😀

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it.



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