Favourite Games Soundtracks: Hotline Miami Quite Possibly Has The Best Soundtrack I’ve Ever Heard?


Since the electricity here at the moment is being a bit dodgy im going to have to forego Lost Odyssey until later on this evening, but here’s something else to help fill the time 🙂
I bought Hotline Miami on steam a week or two ago for the measly sum of 7 pounds and because im impulsive! I bought the dlc along with it too which came in the form of the games official soundtrack, which also was another 7 pounds, im not sure why I decided to go for the soundtrack but purely on a whim i did and then ended up getting stuck into the game first to see what it was like.

And wow it is something else, the game reminds me of the old style Grand Theft Auto’s (2D top down graphics, violence a-plenty etc) although this is a little more refined, and by that i mean the violence hits you a lot harder than old GTA’s did. The game itself is at its basic level a 2D top down action game, it reminds me of trials a bit because you get graded for clearing out different floors of dudes and you get various different weapons for this, all the while unlocking more weapons as you rack up the points. It’s hard to properly explain into words but think of it like this, its like a trials HD game but for mass murder? That’s the best i can do to describe it, its a lot of fun but also balls to the wall difficult at the same time, however with near instant restart ability so it doesn’t hinder your enjoyment of the game (even if the violence can get a little uncomfortable at times).

Anyway before this turns into a review of the game itself, lets turn to the soundtrack which makes the game in my opinion.

The game is set in the late 1980’s in Miami, and this setting is all the more enhanced with the often trippy, a lot funky and very synthesised tunes that the game produces to accompany your rampages. It all fits so well to the different situations the game throws you into, because the story plays out quite ethereal as your never quite sure why you’re doing these things or who is ordering you to do it? And since its set in Miami in the 80s you can’t help thinking if your guy is possibly drugged up or something like that. For instance before you start every level you start in your apartment where you receive a phone call from a mysterious person who gives you a certain task to complete I.e. murder and the music that plays is very hazy, very dreamlike, here ill put a YouTube clip of it here to show you what i mean:

Very trippy, but it has that quality to it where you just want to keep listening to it over and over. However to me it would feel jarring if this was playing during one of the action levels rather than in your apartment, so more gold stars to the audio department for clever use of music! However this isn’t my favourite song on the OST far from it, since there are 23 odd songs you get lots to choose from as there all fantastic to listen to, but if i had to boil it down to a top few favourites of mine would be:

Knock Knock by Scattle

All i can say about this is it’s all kind of awesome! Granted im fanboying a little bit but i can never get sick of this or this:

Miami Disco by Pertubator

This one is my tip-top favourite out of all of them, for me it just brings you into that Miami feeling and for the time period of the game, it just nails it on all fronts, again I love it!

The videos were used from the youtuber “stimpackswe” good job dude.

I thoroughly recommend this game, and if you buy it make sure you buy the soundtrack dlc with it on steam you will not be disappointed, best 7 pounds ive ever spent and ill be putting it onto my iPhone at some point so I can listen to it and about, it’s that good. 🙂

Oh and remember it is an Adult Game so beware all you kiddies out there!

Oh and y’know what i am going to take the plunge and say this is my pick for best soundtrack I’ve every heard, yep i said it!…

Thanks for reading



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